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10 Things We Have Learnt from The Borgias Season 2

  1. Hair styling technology was surprisingly developed the Renaissance. That’s why, between Season 1’s finale and the first episode of Season 2, all main characters get perms, and now look like members of the band Europe.
    You see 1980s? This is why you aren't remembered fondly!
  2. Cesare Borgia is sewn into his leather trousers every morning by a personal tailor/valet. Alternatively, his legs (and codpiece) are painted shiny black by the same valet when in a hurry.
    I'm starting to think these articles are just an excuse for Paola to ogle
  3. To re-create an angry mob, ask a handful of extras to half-heartedly shake their fist in the air whilst muttering some nonsense to themselves.
  4. It is perfectly reasonable to have a character disappear off for several episodes without offering viewers any explanation whatsoever.
  5. It is entirely plausible that three Borgia women – two courtesans and a child bride – get together to form the Renaissance’ equivalent to Mumsnet to steer Rome back to the path of morality.
  6. Ruthless assassins are known to partake in gay sex over tombstones in cemeteries late at night.
  7. Budgets only stretch to one pair of leather trousers per season. Therefore, male characters other than Cesare have to make do with cords.
  8. Just like in modern times, there is no (heterosexual) sex without a fireplace in the background. (For gay sex, see point 6.)
  9. Alexander VI – aka Rodrigo Borgia – has the menacing presence of Papa Smurf.
    The lesser remembered Pope Smurf III  
  10. History is, quite frankly, pretty dull, but if you insert a few scenes of T&A here and there, people will still tune in and watch.

The Borgias Season 2 will be aired in the U.K. this coming autumn on Sky Atlantic. 

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