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The Mixtape Mouthoff

Hey there! I’m Antony Heald and this little old thing is the Mixtape Mouthoff, MultimediaMouth’s regular look into the musical mire to pull out three awesome tracks, but enough with the jibberjabber; lets crack on.

Up first we have Junip. From Gothenburg, José González (who’s brilliant cover of Heartbeats was used on the Sony Bravia ‘Bouncy Balls’ advert-Chris), Tobian Winterkorn and Elias Ayaya formed back in 1998 but only released their first full length album Fields in 2010 due to Gonzalez’s solo career taking off. It was well worth the wait for that release as the band that mixes soft folk guitar with synths in a complex and layered manner to create a very relaxing mellow sound in which the band mesh brilliantly.  This is Walking Lightly off their eponymous 2013 album.


Close Up

Staying in Europe, our next band is Close Up. Based in Utrecht, it’s very clear straight away that their Dutch roots have been heavily influenced by Oasis, The Arctic Monkeys and the like; they wouldn’t sound out of place in a Student Union. While they don’t reinvent the wheel, they do make a bloody good Goodyear quality wheel. I suspect and expect Close Up to be appearing over here for the festival season next year and they will be a great addition. From their EP I Am October (which is released in October) this is Close Up with Cold War Affair.


In Hope
Why break a streak? Lets go to Germany! Last but not least, we have In Hope, who referenced Pinky and the Brain AND Spaceballs in the same blog post which instantly earns them my devotion. Whilst they arn’t the most uplifting band in the world lyrically, they contrast that with an upbeat folk sound based around some wicked violin playing, which provides a strong backbone for the band. According to their bio, the two piece consists of a Bear and a Yuppy, but further analysis shows disappointingly he isn’t ACTUALLY a Bear (Author’s note: If he were, I would fly over to watch EVERY SINGLE GIG) but rather a guy with an extremely depressing biography. Nonetheless they are a fantastic band which would grace your iPod perfectly.

Off of Hearts and Colors (released in December) this is In Hope with Colors.


Thats your lot for this time, leave a comment down below and tell me what you think or send me a tweet @antonyheald. Until next time, peace!

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