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MultiMediaMouth is an entertainment news organization that creates original content for readers and listeners to engage with. Reaching Hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, we are a growing entity. Our audience consists of a wide variety of age groups. We target 18-35-year-old women but also strive in the 30-45-year-old women with our coverage of major competition shows such as The Voice on NBC, American Idol on ABC (Formerly on Fox, coming soon to ABC), America’s Got Talent on NBC and much more.

Types of Advertisements

We offer a wide variety of advertisements, so we are sure that you will find your promotional needs met with us. What type of advertisement are you looking to invest in?

  • Banner Advertisement: We have select spots on our website in which we can place a banner ad for your company. We have an exclusive placement available in our header, footer, and sidebar for your banner ad. Sizes and pricing vary and we offer a variety of campaign commitments.
  • In Article Banner Advertisement: Want to get your product in front of our audience? We have the option to place your advertisement in our posts and link back to your website. These banners stay in the post for a lifetime (or as long as the coding doesn’t break).
  • Podcast Promotion: produces a number of podcasts every week. Get your product or service promoted on one of our shows with either a pre-produced spot that you provide, a live read written by us with the information you provide, or we can create you a new industry standard spot that you can use on our podcasts or for other campaigns you may run in the future.
  • Rent our ad space: If you want to go hard on promotion, you can rent all our available ad space (minus our default Google ad and our Amazon partnerships).