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AEW’s VP of Post Production, Kevin Sullivan, Departs in Surprise Move

Kevin Sullivan, AEW’s Vice President of Post Production, has left the promotion in a surprising move, with reports confirming his departure earlier this week. Sullivan, who is not to be confused with the WCW Taskmaster of the same name, had been with AEW since October 2019, making him one of the longest-tenured backstage figures in the company. His departure was confirmed on Monday, and multiple sources have now shed light on the circumstances surrounding his exit.

According to reports, AEW Senior Vice President (SVP) Mike Mansury played a key role in the decision to let go of Kevin Sullivan. Mansury, who previously served as WWE’s VP of Global Television Production, joined AEW in December of the previous year. The move to release Sullivan has raised questions within AEW, as he was credited with building the entire AEW post-production team and was highly regarded by his colleagues.

Sullivan had a significant impact on AEW’s video content, including packages, vignettes, and material for YouTube. His departure adds to a series of notable exits from AEW’s backstage team, including the release of CM Punk and Ace Steel. Additionally, QT Marshall, who announced his departure last month, has reportedly faced frustrations within the company.

Mike Mansury, with his background in WWE and experience in global television production, has become a key figure in AEW’s executive team. His decision to part ways with Kevin Sullivan adds an element of intrigue to AEW’s backstage dynamics, with fans and insiders alike speculating about the reasons behind the unexpected move. As AEW continues to evolve and navigate changes within its personnel, the departure of Kevin Sullivan marks a significant development in the promotion’s ongoing narrative.

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Ruben Jay
Ruben Jay
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