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Amanda Bynes is sane!

The 27-year-old has reportedly been seeking out treatment options in Los Angeles to help manage her temper.

Amanda appeared in court in New York City yesterday wearing a blue wig, which is her latest random escapade in a string of strange behaviour.

Despite this, sources close to the former child star say she is not mad, but just needs professional guidance.

“Amanda isn’t crazy, she just has lots of anger issues and knows she needs help dealing with that,” an insider told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “She’s determined to pull it all together.”

Amanda attended the hearing yesterday after being arrested for allegedly throwing a bong out of her apartment window in May.

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Diana Boyar ordered Amanda to appear in court again on September 26.

Sources say Amanda plans to return to Los Angeles this week to continue coordinating her treatment plan.

She apparently likes the idea of hiring a team of helpers, including medical professionals and a life coach, to get her back on track.

Amanda’s odd behaviour has seen her launch a Twitter tirade against “ugly” celebrities. On Monday US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle became victims of Amanda’s slurs.

“It’s all for attention. The wigs, the ‘ugly’ talk,” the source explained. “She doesn’t take that seriously, but finds it amusing that everyone will write and talk about it so she keeps doing it.”

One thing she is taking seriously is her career in music. The insider says Amanda is firmly standing by her statement made in May that she would be pursuing a career as a rapper.

“Amanda is very serious about the rap career,” the source finished. “And I think she will surprise people. She’s actually very good.”

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