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Amazon Launches Q, a Chatbot for Enhanced Workplace Productivity

Amazon Unveils Q, a Chatbot for Workplace Productivity

Amazon has introduced a new chatbot called Q, designed for workplace use. Unveiled at the Amazon Web Services’ Reinvent conference in Las Vegas, Q aims to compete with Microsoft and Google in the productivity software space. The chatbot, named after the James Bond and Star Trek characters, is part of Amazon’s ongoing efforts to challenge its tech rivals.

Q, currently available in preview, provides features such as helping users understand AWS capabilities and troubleshoot issues. During the preview period, certain features will be available for free, while business users can access a tier for $20 per person per month after the preview. Another version, catering to developers and IT professionals, is priced at $25 per person per month.

The chatbot operates in communication apps like Slack and text-editing applications for developers. It also integrates with over 40 enterprise systems, enabling discussions and queries related to data stored in various services, including Microsoft 365, Dropbox, Salesforce, and AWS’ S3 data-storage service.

AWS CEO Adam Selipsky highlighted Q’s capability to automatically make changes to source code, streamlining developers’ tasks. The chatbot can provide document citations to support its responses and is expected to facilitate more efficient navigation for AWS customers with multiple service options.

While Amazon has introduced various end-user applications over the years, none have achieved significant success compared to its core computing and storage services. The introduction of Q adds to Amazon’s suite of tools targeting workplace productivity and AI assistance.

Administrators will have the ability to customize Q’s capabilities, determining whether it can answer general questions on specific topics, according to Deepak Singh, an AWS vice president. Industry experts anticipate Q becoming widely adopted in the coming months, addressing the needs of both developers and cloud administrators.

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Ruben Jay
Ruben Jay
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