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American Idol Top 8 Girls: My Review, Picks & Comments

This week, American Idol will have The Top 8 girls and Top 8 Guys compete for the chance to be in the Top 12…who will win? Here is my review of the performances. This is the first of many editions of My Review, Picks & Comments

Katie Stevens- Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

Katie is actually one of my favorite girls on Idol right now. However, this song wasn’t her best performance, she has no charisma as far as stage presence go. Randy told her that the song was to big, and Ellen said that it was the right song. The one who hit the nail on the head was Simon who said that Katie doesn’t know who she wants to be as an artist. To me, the song wasn’t a good song for her, her vocals weren’t strong enough for this song. I can see her doing more of Taylor Swift style over Kelly Clarkson.

Unfortunately, I missed the second performance.

Lacey Brown-Love

Oh wow, this song was so slow and boring. The vocals were flawless, and it was just right for her. All the Judges had nothing but good words, and there isnt anything she really has to work on. Simon suggested that she needs to find a memorable song, but this song for her was much better then her previous choice.

Katelyn Epperly- I feel the earth move

Katelyn made a great song choice in my opinion. I feel that her having the keyboard kinda gave her a new style. The crowd loved the performance as did I, but Randy felt as though she wasn’t connecting with it. Ellen didn’t think it was her song, but I disagree.

DiDi Benami- Rhiannon

This beautiful blonde girl with the most beautiful country tone I’ve heard on Idol took a shot at a classic song, and I feel that if she hadn’t played guitar then the end result would have been improved and she would have been able to put on a better all round performance. I also felt the choir was very much out of place making the song sound too ‘churchy’. Ellen loves the fact that DiDi was able to comeback from a bad week, and Kara thought it was the best moment for season 9 so far. Simon agreed with Kara. He also said that the entire song was a ‘wow’ moment.

Paige Miles- Smile

She walked onto the stage, and it added a good dramatic edge. The vocals seemed flawless, but the performance level was not there.  I agree with Randy saying “it was too big of a song”, it could potentially be a competition killer for her. All the judges seemed to be on the same page (no pun intended),  Simon said it was the end of the road for her. Just because you like a song doesn’t mean you can perform the song well. Horrible choice, good luck next time Paige.

Krystal Bowersocks- Give Me One Reason

I believe this was the first time she used the electric guitar. This song sounds like it’s right down Krystal’s alley.  It was definitely a spectacular choice for her. The one thing I would love to see from Krystal is her dropping the guitar and fronting the band, but I am sure that this is her style, and the sort of style she should embrace when making an album down the road (a point Kara agreed with). Her vocals were flawless and the guitar stood out. Krystal didn’t let the pressure get to her either, she actually sat down during the judging. All the judges agreed that Krystal knows who she is supposed to be.

Lilly Scott-I Fall to Pieces

A country style song from someone who shouldn’t be singing country.  Her vocals were very good, but it just didn’t work. Judges said that this song was original, and Kara said she made Patsy Klein felt current.  I agree with Simon saying that she too doesn’t have the ‘wow’ factor.  Unfortunately for Lilly, she had to follow Krystal which would have been a difficult job for anybody.

The show overall was good. It wasn’t the best “Ladies Night”, and I can say that I am disappointed about the girls apparent lack of charisma. The vocals were consistent, but there is an element of performance missing, and I would not buy a ticket to this as a concert in it’s own right.

My Picks: I can definately see Krystal Bowersocks in the Top 12, as she has the potential to win the whole thing. She connects with her songs which gives them an extra punch that really makes my jaw drop.

The judges seemed to have added an extra edge, which I liked.  Simon, of course is blunt with everything that he says, but it is honest, sensible critique. Ellen is finally taking a firmer stand on things, and Kara is just Kara…I love Kara.

Tonight the Top 8 Guys go and then on Thursday the Top 12 is announced. Make sure to check in on Friday for my Comments & Review.  Go ahead, give me feedback, rjp@multimediamouth.com. I am Ruben Jay Pena…take care.

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Ruben Jay
Ruben Jay
Ruben Jay is an American broadcaster, media blogger, and podcast host. Currently, Ruben is the President of MultiMediaMouth.com and the executive producer and host of the popular podcasts You’re My Best Friend and ON AIR with Ruben Jay, exclusively on MultiMediaMouth.com. Follow Ruben on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok @TheRubenJay.

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  1. I disagree with you about Katelyn. Her vocals were average and her performance was dull. She should have sat down on a grand piano and banged out the intro to that song. I predict that Katelyn and Paige will be going home on Thursday. Also, Lilly played a Mandolin not a Madeline. I also think you need to work on your grammar or get rid of your editor (or both). My brain hurt trying to read it!

  2. I’ll take the bullet here, nightmare (although if we’re talking grammar, ‘Nightmare’ should be have a capital as it’s a noun in that context), as I edited the article while half asleep and cut it’s flow inadvertantly. I’ve re-edited it now and it should be more indicative of Ruben’s writing. Thanks for checking out the review and the site regardless, hope to see you back here again!

  3. Well i apologize for the misspelling of gramaraziation, but keep in mind i am only 17. But thanks for the constructive criticism.

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