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Carly Rae Jepsen can “Kiss” her career to the future

Carly Rae Jepsen is one of the breakout stars of 2012. Found by Justin Bieber, her smash single “Call Me Maybe”  invaded our airwaves faster than you can say “Justin Don’t Bieber”. Jepsen is really beautiful, probably one of the most gorgeous pop star out there right now. She had a great break out single and follow up with “Good Time”, but how was her album?

Her album Kiss started out weird, but over all I think it really ended up being a decent debute.

Tiny Little Bows

The first track on the song is really weird. I don’t understand it, from the music to the lyrics – I don’t think they thought hard enough about this song, or they didn’t have enough material to really debate what songs to put on the album. If I would have streamed the album on Youtube before actually purchasing and listening to the album, I would have stopped there and this review won’t be coming out.

It’s really old school pop sounding. Back when pop music was terrible. Should not be the first track on the album, if on the album at all.

This Kiss

I actually really like this song. It’s a real cool tune, I think it will make a really cool club song, given the right DJ remixes it. This was also the third big song release from the album, following “Good Time” with Owl City. The story of the song is two people meeting but each of them are already committed, but she’s wanting to go ahead and step out with a new guy.

Unfortunately, the theme of the song is promoting cheating on your significant other, which we know that we have a problem before that. But for the most part, its a solid tune and totally redeemed the album.

Call Me Maybe

I LOVE this song. It’s a great tune and an extremely smart song to release as the breakout single. You will find yourself singing this song for HOURS after you hear. I literally spent most of the day walking down the hall way of work dancing (not really) and singing “But here’s my number, so call me maybe”.

My biggest problem with this song is the bridge. It drives me CRAZY!! It goes, “Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad”, and it doesnt make sense!! How can you miss someone you never met? But that’s me being petty.


The intro to this song is amazing. I am listening to it as I write this portion of the review, and it makes me want to listen to the whole song. It’s trying to be a dance song, but I don’t think the lyrics fit with a dance tune. Carly’s vocals sound really solid here. This song doesn’t do much for me.

Good Time (Featuring Owl City)

Great tune! This is a Summer anthem! Much like “Party Rock Anthem” was a few years back, I think this song could have been a great summer single. It’s talking about going out and partying and having a good time. Staying up late, wasting money, teenage dream essectially. “Lets hang out if you’re down to get down tonight’.

They need to re-release this in the Summer and make it an anthem.

More than a Memory

The intro to this song makes me wish the song wasn’t in the album, but as the song progressed it sounds decent. The further we go into the song, the more it rises, but it never peaks. I keep wanting more but It doesn’t deliever.

Turn me Up

This song is actually a really catchy song once you get into it. Not the best on the record, but totally a great song. The only problem I have is the phrase “Turn me up, and turn me on”. She has a very young demographic, so I think its inappropriate to be saying.

Hurt So Good

Okay, the intro is annoying, but once she starts to sing it makes it a little better. It actually is catchy in the chorus, so I ask you Carly, why you gotta make it hurt so good? Actually, this song can be the theme for the entire album! HA!

Beautiful Featuring Justin Bieber

Started out and it briefly sounded like “Hey There delilah”, I am actually really glad they put this song on the album because is under produced. It’s not a hit song, but it showcases Jepsen’s vocals, which is what she needed. Plus, its a good song. Even Justin sounds good!

Tonight I’m Getting Over You

Very strong vocals shown here. But again, I question what her message is. She says “We’re not lovers, but more than friends” which is showing lack of commitment, and I think for her age demo, its the wrong message to send.

But this is totally a post-breakup party song that you’re gonna wanna play when you break up with your current relationship.

Guitar String/Wedding Ring

I love this song. There is something about being a musician myself that I can really enjoy the message of what a peice of guitar string means to another musican. It’s cheesy, but I love it. Probably the best song thats not a single. It’s a love song that is actually asking the person to commit. So guys, listen to this song and commit!

Your Heart if a Muscle

Very OneRepublic sounding introduction. This is a very solid way to end the album.


Final Thoughts– This album is very weak for the most part. I am listening for singles, but the singles on the record have already been released as such, so I would not be surprised if Jepsen comes out with another record in 2013. I felt like the album lacked the depth needed to make a huge impact in this game, i mean, let’s take a look at someone like Demi Lovato. Her last album Unbroken has so much depth that her single “Give Your Heart A Break” has been in the top of the charts for MONTHS, much like “Call Me Maybe”. But also looking at Lovato, her first two albums were extremely weak as well. My hopes are that Jepsen rides her singles as much as possible and makes a solid sophomore album, but the sooner the better

Grade: B-



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