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E3 Canceled

Last week in my article about the Corona Virus I talked about how several events were being cancels due to the virus spreading. Next on that list is none other then E3 but what does this mean in reality for one of the biggest events in gaming? Well for started this could be very well the end of the event all together where over the years all kinds of games get announced and it also allowed smaller indie game studios a chance shine. However, Microsoft was already following Sony foots steps in pulling out of the conference this year way before the Virus became this big of a problem.

No one is sure however if Mircosoft and Sony will still do there conferences during the week of E3 or not though, because the thing that we watch over the last few years that usually show us the new games for the year were never hosted at E3. They were all just streamed those same weeks because so much press was already there as it was. With E3 being the biggest point in the year for all kinds of marketing teams to show off there games and honestly a lot of game marketing teams depends on E3 to announced new games it’s going to be struggle this year.

As I had said last week I expected the virus to cause all kinds of issue in gaming with Coachella being rescheduled as of yesterday as well I knew E3 was right around the corner. However, I am hoping that Sony and Mircosoft will do a Nintendo Direct sort of thing and at least announce the new games that are coming out this year. Rumor has it Harry Potters new RPG and even a new Batman game from Rocksteady were on the docket at E3 2020. Now does this mean that these games won’t come out? Well no not at all if anything these games will get announced through other cons likes Gamescon if were lucky.

But with E3 already being on the decline as it was does this mean that E3 is actually dead? Big names like Geoff Keighly had already back out this year as well and he for those who don’t know is a big part of the convention and has always supported it. E3 has had big name studios leaving over the last few with the show being more about the spectacle and trying to get as many eyes on the games as possible vs just taking the time celebrate all the new releases coming out this year and in the future. While I love E3 and find it so much fun to watch over the years even sometimes having friends over and watching the show it will be a real disappointment to see E3 gone for good.

Maybe if were lucky this will just be the time they new to come back next year bigger and brand new. Only time will but in June I would l still keep an eye out for other studios like Microsoft and Sony hopefully still doing something to show off what’s to come next in the game industry. Stay safe everyone!

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