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Google to Clean Up Inactive Gmail Accounts in Cybersecurity Overhaul

Users Urged to Take Action Before Dec. 1 Deadline

In a move aimed at bolstering cybersecurity measures, Google is set to delete unused Gmail accounts starting from December 1. The tech giant’s decision targets accounts that have remained untouched for two years, posing potential security risks due to outdated passwords and a lack of two-factor authentication, according to Ruth Kricheli, Product Management Vice President at Google.

Kricheli emphasized the company’s commitment to user security, highlighting the investments made in technology and tools to combat threats like spam, phishing scams, and account hijacking. The imminent initiative will impact personal accounts, urging users to take preventive measures to avoid losing access to their Google Workspace apps such as Drive, Docs, and Photos.

The key motivation behind this move is to safeguard users from potential hacks that often target forgotten or unattended accounts. Older accounts, relying on outdated or reused passwords, become vulnerable and receive fewer security checks. The cybersecurity initiative does not extend to school or business accounts, offering them immunity from the impending clean-up.

Numerous notifications have been dispatched to dormant accounts, signaling a push for users to take action before the approaching deadline. Specifically, the first wave of deletions is expected to focus on accounts that were created but never used.

For users concerned about potential deletion, Kricheli advises a simple solution: signing in at least once every two years. Various activities, such as reading or sending emails, using Google Drive, watching a YouTube video, downloading apps from the Google Play Store, signing in on a third-party service through Google, or merely using Google Search, will count as account activity.

However, users should be aware that signing into Google Photos separately is required to preserve their images. Furthermore, existing subscriptions through Google Account, such as Google One, news publications, or apps, will be considered account activity, ensuring their accounts remain unaffected by the impending clean-up.

In conclusion, Google’s move to delete inactive Gmail accounts serves as a proactive step towards enhancing user security. With the December 1 deadline approaching, users are urged to take the necessary actions to ensure the preservation of their accounts and associated data.

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Ruben Jay
Ruben Jay
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