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Hot New Aussie Band ‘At Sunset’

Australian-based pop band ‘At Sunset’ have caught the sights of teenage girls all around Australia with their hit single ‘Back In Time’ which made it’s debut on Australian radio between mid and late last year.  At Sunset have yet to release an album but have covered songs by Justin Bieber, One Direction, Katy Perry, etc.  Each cover reeling in between 100,000 and 700,000 views on YouTube.


The pop group features Adelaide-based  brothers Harrison Kantarias (19) on vocals, Andrew Kantarias (17) on vocals & keys and best friend Jae Curtis (19) guitar & drums.  As all bands have names for their fandoms (Beliebers/Directioners), their fanbase are “Sunsetters”.  I’m diggin’ the name but I’m not sure how smoothly that “rolls” off the tongue.

The official video clip for ‘Back In Time’ currently sits at 69,500+ views.  There isn’t really a story accompanying the video clip as it shows At Sunset + a drummer simply playing the song with a few effects added. . .simple, but affective as the viewer gets to see their faces *swoon*.  In my opinion this is a great party song as it’s up beat and it gives off an energetic vibe.

The following link leads to the official video clip of their latest single —> ‘Back In Time’ by At Sunset

With the way At Sunset is going this wont be the last time you hear about them.    The boys have their own personal Twitter accounts which are; @andrewkantarias @harrison_ck @jaecurtis as well as the band Twitter; @bandatsunset

At the moment I’m in LOVE with this band, their looks, the sound, the WHOLE package and I can’t wait until the world gets to hear them live. . .but until that happens I’ll wait with Back In Time on repeat!

What are your opinions of At Sunset?  Love them or Hate them?

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