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Justin Bieber Gone Crazy – AGAIN!


When will Justin Bieber stop!? Who used to be a cute hearththrob has turned into a full blown reckless teenager. Can we even consider him a teen still? He’s almost 20!

Confirmed earlier today, Justin SPIT on his neighbor. Yes, he spit. Something kids in elementary school do. The neighbor had confronted him about speeding around his gated community. In response, Justin just let loose his yucky saliva all over his face.

Thankfully, nobody is pressing charges. However, this isn’t the first sign of Justin’s crazy behavior. Hanging out with all the rap stars has really been a big influence on his life. With a mentor like Usher, you would think Justin would stay grounded. Guess not. Justin even┬ápromised the world a year ago that he would always stay grounded. Don’t make promises you can’t keep Biebs!

Justin, you’re almost 20. Maybe it’s time to grow up.

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