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Keep and eye out for these five artists

2012 was a strong year for pop, but who made the impressions? According to my Top 12 of 2012 show, 2012 belong to the likes of Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, and Train, but I don’t think 2013 will be the same. American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest currently ranks Bruno Mars, Rhianna, Ke$ha, and Ne-yo as part of their top 5 thus far, but who do I think will be major players in 2013? Just for the record, this is in no particular order, only the way my brain thought about them.

Tiffany Alvord

Tiffany ended 2012 and started 2013 in Time Square on Nivia’s stage as part of their search for an artist in the “This Kiss” contest, so saying that she is a star to keep your eyes on is an understatement. Tiffany and co. released her second album, My Heart Is late last year, and it’s a solid record. Songs that I could actually see playing on pop radio. So keep an eye out for her.

Max Schneider 

Max Schneider is the star of the Nickelodeon show How To Rock as well as a touring artist. With his hit show coming to an end, he now has the time to actually put together a solid album for his fans that I am sure would sell like crazy. From what I heard, he has a voice and style that would be a fresh breath on Top 40 radio. So please, Max, bring talent back to main stream media.

Megan and Liz

The duo released “Bad For Me” last year and it made some serious noise. Everyone was looking forward to this new single. The ammount of attention this song got makes you just know that 2013 is going to be nothing but good things for this duo. Their single is also really good.

Megan and Liz extra – As Long As You love Me (cover)

Cher Lloyd

Cher has exploded on the US music scene, but you might be asking, why all of s sudden and non-Youtube star on this list? Well, thats simple – Cher Lloyd’s debut album Sticks & Stones is literally the best pop album I have heard, along side Maroon 5’s Overexposed. She has some serious potential. She has nowhere to go but up from here.

Jill Jensen

With over 100k followers on Twitter, Jillian probably made the biggest impact on the X Factor USA before being eliminated by Demi Lovato at the Judges Home’s round of the contest. Since being eliminated from the competition, Jensen has used social media to remain relevant. She is currently working on her debut record, and we are looking forward to it.

Overall, each of these artists have big things coming in 2013. I could have easily mentioned Justin Bieber, or Carly Rae, but we know those names will be in our pop charts for a while. These people here, these are the ones to keep a look out for.

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Ruben Jay
Ruben Jay
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