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Kevin Spacey Hospitalized in Uzbekistan After Health Scare During Film Festival Visit

Kevin Spacey Hospitalized in Uzbekistan After Arm Numbness Scare

Kevin Spacey, the two-time Oscar-winning actor, was rushed to the hospital in Uzbekistan after experiencing numbness in his left arm during a visit to the country for a film festival. The actor revealed the incident while speaking at the Tashkent International Film Festival.

Spacey stated that he was touring the archaeological site Afrasiyab in Samarkand when his left arm went numb for about eight seconds. Concerned about his health, he was taken to a clinic where he underwent tests, including an MRI scan. Fortunately, the tests showed no heart problems or other abnormalities, and Spacey was subsequently released from the hospital.

A source close to the actor confirmed that he received professional medical attention and was found to be in good health. Despite the scare, Spacey appeared in good spirits and gave a speech at the film festival’s closing ceremony.

During his speech, Spacey reflected on the fragility of life and mentioned his desire for a Hollywood comeback. He was acquitted of sexual assault charges in London in July and is reportedly looking to rebuild his career in the entertainment industry.

Spacey’s friend, writer Geoffrey Mark, expressed optimism about Spacey’s future in the industry, suggesting that the actor may explore new creative avenues and surprise audiences with his talent.

Kevin Spacey, known for his roles in “House of Cards” and “The Usual Suspects,” continues to make occasional public appearances following his legal troubles, and his recent health scare in Uzbekistan appears to have ended without significant health issues.

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Ruben Jay
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