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Kid Hudson – Melbourne Gig Interview

So the day before Kid Hudson’s Melbourne gig, Ruben gets me an interview with Kid.  Kid Hudson is honestly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, I mean. . .we walk through the door and receive a hug AND gum!  Did you know he’s always wanted to be a musician AND his song Clouded got to number 1 in Japan?!

Kid describes his music as different, as he is a pop artist he does touch on other genres.  Using heavy rock guitars, hip hop loops (as in drum beats), electro dance tracks and punk harmonies.  So basically if all genres had a love child together this would be it.  Mentioning that he has many inspirations Kid started naming a few of them: Simple Plan, Eminem, Justin Timberlake and commercial music.  So anything with a good beat and good melody.

How did he get into music?  Kid was pretty much born into music, his family all love music, his brothers play music and his parent are massive music fanatics!  Learning the drums at the age of 3, guitar at 5, singing at 7 and started doing his own song writing.

Previously Kid was in a band called Dreams Of Leaving (if you listen to “Told You So” you’ll hear Marcus mention the band.  Very sneaky!) with friends Cameron G and Billy T.  Now that Kid is a solo artist the curiosity of the music difference had to be satisfied.  Reassuring previous assumptions Kid did say that it is very different.  He went on to say that one of the reasons that the band broke up was because of the music differences.  Billy T coming from a 80’s metal background, Cameron wanted the band to go more Pop/Rock and Kid wanted it to go Pop/R’n’B.  Although it is different Kid still uses some of the songs he has written in his live set and in recordings.

Having lived in L.A. since the end of 2011, the main reason of moving is that his radio DJ friend Byron Cooke (@Byroncooke) in Australia sent Kid up for some meetings because his talent wass too big to just keep in Melbourne/Australia.  After giving it a shot in America the response was good.

For the future/2013 Kid’s currently working on an album which he’s really stoked about, the album will be featuring his newest album “Fixated” and also flying back over to the States do a 9 month tour.  Since he’s going on tour I wanted to ask what his favourite songs to perform live were, both original and cover.  When Kid was over in the States One Direction hit off so he performed What Makes You Beautiful (I’d also like to mention during his performance in Melbourne he covered One Direction’s “Little Things” with Billy T on guitar)  and his favourite original to perform is Fixated but before that Stranger (watch the music video here!)  I also asked about collaborating, as in who would he like to collaborate with?  On a big scale Kid would love to collaborate with Katy Perry.  Kid also mentions how he was offered to do a track with Nicki Minaj which he declined.  Kid told us how he wants to “make it” because of his hard work, not because he’s was featured on Nicki Minaj’s album or seen on KUWTK.

Speaking of music videos, how was it to film Stranger?  He had a really good time working with Shaun Willis who was the director of the music video.  Which lead me on to my next question of “Did you know the girl in the video clip or did she audition?”   Kid – “I met her on the day”  She was auditioned by the management. I think they did a really good job, not only does Kid think she’s really talented actress, but also she had a look to her that was strange, so it fit in with the video.

When it comes to doing embarrassing things on stage Kid says there are too many to mention.  But when Kid was a drummer in a band with his brothers he threw a drum stick into the crowd and it actually hit someone in the head, “I don’t think his girlfriend wasn’t to pleased”  I wouldn’t think so either. Also tripping over wires on stage.  I think it’s embarrassing enough tripping in public, but if you’re on stage where everyone is watching you, I’d be uber embarrassed.

Asking about music was fun but I noticed Kid’s style, fashion wise.  He describes it as a vintage look and tells us he’s dressed by the same people who dress Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl.  So that’s pink shirts, yellow shirts, bow ties and stuff like that.  Clean and sophisticated/50’s with the bright colours.

Since we were at a show where there were opening acts before Kid went on stage, Kid told us how he met the other acts.  Move On, Be Strong (who were playing at the time of the interview) joined the line-up a few days before hand because another act unfortunately got sick.  While The City Sleeps who Kid actually discovered their music through a friend who told him to watch their videos, so he got the on the band wagon (haha).  Take Us To Vegas and Kid have been talking back and forth about doing a show together and this gig seemed like the perfect opportunity.

If you’ve ever tweeted Kid (@kidhudson) he always replies, or atleast tries to reply to everyone who tweets him.  He has reassured me that even if he gets more popular he wont stop talking to fans via social media.  He also wants to let his fans know that he loves you and your passion towards him  🙂  (Aww).  He’s also recieved a few marriage proposals and in response he’s said “If I could marry all of my fans I would”.

Just because I love One Direction and I was so jealous I would like to point out the fact that Zayn Malik actually went to one of Kid’s shows. . .be right back while I cry.

By the end of the interview I got up the courage and asked if Kid was single or not.  (it made me nervous okay  :/) AND THE ANSWER IS….*Drum Roll* HE IS SINGLE! woo!

During this article I have put links to Kid’s Twitter, one of his videos, etc. but instead of scrolling up I’ll just link it all down here  🙂

Twitter: @kidhudson  (if you have any questions for him, he’d be more than happy to answer them!  🙂

Website: kidhudson.com/

YouTube: www.youtube.com/thekidhudson

AND Kid is actually cast in something big this year which involves 2 months of filming.  Unfortunately he couldn’t give out a lot of information about it but keep your eye out for it!

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