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Let’s Make a Movie Episode 16: Into The Darkness, Love

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In this fortuitous fortnight of guest stars galore we bring you a Clever Comedy Kun-Fu flick by the title Into The Darkness, Love, kindly played out with improvisor, actor, funny person and all round one-of-the-good-ones Bhavnisha Parmar, whose improv skills will be on display at Improv Noir, an entirely improvised film noir before your eyes on the 24th-26th at the Henley Fringe, the 29th-31st at the Camden Fringe then August 4-7 at the Etcetera Theatre. Details, dates and more here.

So enjoy Leonardo DiCaprio’s Pure Shores, Elle Fanning’s hysterical crying and Noel Clarke in his third role on this podcast, the guy is just good casting. Also, finally, sound effects on the show, are they too much?  Too awesome?  Tell us!

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