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Los Angeles Guitarist, Sydney Ellen, released debut solo EP, ‘IMPERFECT’

Full disclosure: Moxy Anne is the featured singer on two of the tracks on this EP and also happens to be my co-host on the podcast, You’re My Best Friend. Our working relationship and friendship did not affect the review of this EP.

Los Angeles based rock guitarist, Sydney Ellen, has released her long anticipated solo-debut EP, ImperfectImperfect features 4 singers with tunes co-written by Sydney. Former bandmate Moxy Anne takes the lead vocals on two songs, Moa sings on one track, Kp Wolfe on another, and Adi Argelazi closes out the EP. Imperfect is out on all streaming platforms.  Let’s go track by track.

The opening track on Imperfect is the lead single, “Strength in Me” featuring Moxy Anne. We got the chance to debut this song to the world last year on You’re My Best Friend, click here to listen to that podcast. This is a high energy song with an kick-ass opening riff. Moxy Anne kills it on the vocals with her signature high energy belting on this song. Sydney did a great job opening up the EP with a catchy track and high energy.

The energy continues into the second track with ‘Look How Far You’ve Come’ featuring singer Moa on this track. Moa has a unique sound that separates her from Moxy. The song brings you into a different mood while keep the catchy lyrics going. Moa is a great choice for this song. Her lower tone and slight raspiness in her vocals is a nice departure from the first song. There is a really fun guitar riff to close out the track. This one will be on repeat for a while.

Moxy Anne returns to the vocal front with Sydney on “Gypsy Soul“. a song that brings the pace of the EP to a much slower tempo. Sydney bring a soothing chord progression and some strings in the background. Going into the second verse, the drums kick in and bring this song to a nice ballad. To vocal work is incredible with Moxy providing her own harmonies and guiding the story of the song while not stepping on the music. The second chorus kicks into a bit of overdrive. This song takes you on a great rollercoaster of emotions.

Know Your Worth” is a nice change of pace from the ballad style of the previous song. Kp Wolfe leads the vocals on this song. Sydney has a really good riff to intro the song and you can hear Wolfe singing “do you know your worth” before going into the first track. This song builds nicely into the second chorus and Wolfe has a real nice squeal. The Sydney’s guitar work is also highlighted on this song extremely well. She plays a nice lead in the second verse. Wolfe reminds me a bit of Carrie Underwood if Underwood did rock music. I really enjoyed the drumming on this song as well.

Sydney closes out the EP with the title track, “Imperfect“, with Adi Argelazi on the lead vocal. Argelazi has a completely different style of vocal that helps her stand out from the other singers on this EP. She has a nice mid-tone voice that can also hit the high notes. She has a great range. Sydney does a good job book-ending the EP with two extremely high energy songs. Argelazi really bring me me back to the great old school rock and roll.

Final thoughts

Sydney Ellen’s debut solo-EP is a great collection of music. 4 different singers that sound nothing alike were able to compliment Sydney’s guitar playing, tell a story with the music, and also showcase themselves on each track. Each song brings something different to the table yet they all tie into one another extremely well. If you are looking for something to stream to help kill time during the current “safer-at-home” regulations or if just love rock music, Imperfect is the perfect EP.

For more information on Imperfect or to find out how you can support Sydney, head over to her website, http://sydneyellen.com.

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Ruben Jay
Ruben Jay
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