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Louisa Wendorff’s Blank Space/Style Mash Up Leaves Taylor Swift “Obsessed”

“OBSESSED.” This was the single word pop sensation Taylor Swift tweeted last December 27th, along with the link to singer-songwriter Louisa Wendorff’s latest cover, which happens to be a mash up of Swift’s “Blank Space” and “Style” from her album 1989. The cover takes place in the woods, where Louisa and her buddy Devin Dawson, on acoustic guitar, sing back to back in the middle of a winding road.


The two upbeat pop singles are given an eerie twist with the help of the acoustic guitar and both Louisa and Devin’s hauntingly beautiful voices. Both songs combined are given an entirely different feel, but totally obsession-worthy nonetheless. We¬†can definitely¬†understand why Taylor fancies the cover!

If you want more of Louisa’s music, be sure to check out her EP Arrow, which is available on iTunes.

Make sure to subscribe to her on Youtube and follow her on Twitter for more updates.

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