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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: First Impression

Well first of all this is not a review this is my first thoughts of this amazing game and let me say this has to be some of the most fun I have playing a superhero game in such a long time that isn’t Spider-Man or Batman. This game right off the bat is oozing with a great art style and starts off playing the baddest teams around the Guardians of the Galaxy.

I was so excited to just be able to play around as the full team and have Rocket on my back as I ran around as Groot. Or the fact that Star-Lord dances when he fights. After the initial area, we go to the raft in New York something that should be familiar to fans of Marvel’s Spider-Man game where the raft is front and center.

As you and the Guardians are running around the raft along comes a spider with a voice I know and love. Because this game brought really the best list of Marvel voice actors and none other than Yuri Lowenthal to voice Spider-Man once again as well as the Doc Ock voice actor from Spider-Man PS4 as well. There are a ton of voice Actors from the Avenger’s cartoons reprising their roles as these amazing characters. Also, yes Nolan North is back as the merc with the mouth Deadpool.

It’s no secret I’m a huge Marvel fan and not only does this game feel like a love letter to fans of the old games it feels like a love letter to all Marvel fans wither you come from the cartoons shows, the MCU, or the comics this games has so much to offer and I have even talked about how much the gameplay is on its own is spectacular.

The game has a great feel of each character with everyone feeling unique to play as. My current team is Spider-Man (Duh) Deadpool, Thor, and the Hulk.  Each character has buff to add to each other depending on if they have been on teams with each other in Marvel history. So, it pays to have a few characters who have worked together in the past because this gives great buffs to all your characters.

Honestly, I could go on and on about how incredible this game is and how fun and loving it is to Marvel Universe as a whole if you are a fan of superhero games and especially of Marvel and have a switch you need to pick this game up and give it go. Have fun, true believers!

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