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Marvel’s The Avengers Beta Impression

Over the last weekend, I got to play the beta for the upcoming Marvel’s The Avengers, and oh boy this game is going to be so much fun. From the beta, we now know this game is similar to a Destiny in terms of gear. It also has from the little of the campaign I got to play an already awesome story. As someone who has been a fan of Ms.Marvel for a little while now I can’t wait for gamers to see this version of such an awesome character.

I can already see her stealing the show and makes her getting her own Disney Plus show that much more exciting. Honestly, the whole cast is great Troy Bakers take on Bruce Banner is awesome I love the way he brings him to life. While the little I saw of Nolan North as Iron Man was just great he is funny and full of quips, I am really curious to see how he does in a more serious sceneĀ  within the game.

Each of the characters we get to play on the bridge sequence felt right to me. Like Hulk smashed the crap out of the stuff the way he felt like he was supposed too. I can’t wait to play more of Cap and Thor both them felt awesome to move around and handle. I got a very similar feel from throwing Mjolnir that you get from throwing the Levitation Ax from God of War. Which we all know is the only comparison Thor will be getting from all critics.

From the four I got to play which was Iron Man, Hulk, Ms. Marvel, and Black Widow my favorite was Iron Man. I got to play a mix of support and damage when in multiplayer because I had a bird’s eye view of the battlefield as was able to pick off turrets hurting my teammates or reign down fire on large dreadbots.

The gameplay was meaty to each hit I threw had weight to it and may me feel as strong as the Hulk. It did such a great job of capturing each of these heroes and fleshing them out. I can’t wait to see the story unfold overall.

However, that doesn’t mean it was perfect I dealt with a few crashes and audio glitches where I would hear everything twice which got super annoying. My frames would drop every now and then as well especially as the Hulk. So, my concern is that I feel Square Enix will either have to really work hard to fix these issues before launch or delay the game again. Which I don’t see them doing at this point. Will have to hope they can fix these issue or minimize them before it’s release date in a few weeks.

The other thing I want to mention is the constant comparison to the MCU. Why are we doing that with these characters? They are a brand new version and I can’t understand why Spider-man and Batman don’t have this problem, but The Avengers do? I feel like that’s going to be this game’s biggest fight is the endless comparison to the films when we need to be looking at the games and movies as two completely different things. Like we did with Spider-man and the Arkham Series.

Overall, I am more excited than ever to play this game and I can’t wait to see what heroes they add to the game in the future. There are so many awesome options and I think as long as Square Enix takes the time to address the issue from the beta this will be a very solid game. Avengers is set to release September 4th, 2020 at $59.99.

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