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Meet Addison Mills

This is a long time coming. Addison Miils is a …..well i’ll let her introduce herself:


I am a sixteen year old singer-songwriter.  If you’re into Indie music with a Coffee House flavor, you might want to check out my songs.

I usually play at local coffee shops, but have played in some great venues in Los Angeles such as, The Hotel Angeleno, Witzend,The Hotel Cafe, The House Of Blues.

I recently went to New York City for the first time and had the chance to preform at The Bitter End and Columbia University’s Postcrypt Coffeehouse!

At 16 years old, Addison has an EP called “All The Little Things”, which is good. I will say this out front: It is not my style of music, and I found myself bored at times, but overall, the song writing was good, her vocals were great, and her effort was priceless.

So if I take into account that she is 16, and it is her first round of music, I will not be harsh on her. Mainly because it’s also not my first choice of music, so i don’t want to be completely biased off that. SO I judged her music at face value. But this girl has the potential to go far and be extremely successful. I hope and pray that she takes into consideration what her vocals can do and changes up a bit.

I will say this, I loved how simple the lyrics were. It was easy to relate to, and thats what people need: Music they can relate too. So I commend her for that! I know a few girls who would lOVE the EP based on the fact that they can relate to most of the songs on there. But for the dudes, theres not much there fo us. Maybe except a valentines day gift to our girls….maybe.

I won’t be surprised if she makes if big, because she deserves it. She has the talent, and from the people I’ve heard from, she has the drive as well. I wish her the best!

Hit her up on Twitter at https://twitter.com/addisonsmusic and on the web at http://www.addisonmillsmusic.com/listen/.


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