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Meet Andie Case!

By Rodlyn Mae

“When you want something, you just have to keep pushing and persevering until you get to where you want to be.” For others, this may be a difficult saying to follow, but for rising star Andie Case, this saying is exactly what she lives by.

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Andie first discovered her passion for music when she performed at her 5th grade talent show. After receiving such a positive reaction from those in the crowd that night, Andie knew that singing was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Being one of seven children, Andie draws great inspiration from one of her older sisters, who is also very passionate for music.

Whenever one sees the gorgeous and extremely talented young woman, it is hard to deny the vibe of confidence and positive energy that is felt when being around Andie, but this has not always been the case. During her high school years, Andie shares that she felt lost and unsure of what the “next step” was in her musical career.

But things took a turn for the better when Andie met her manager, Ajay Marshall of FastTrack Entertainment, through mutual friends. Ajay helped her in recording her demo, and booking gigs at places like The Hard Rock Cafe. With these new and exciting opportunities, Andie was finally able to get her music out in the world, bringing her one step closer accomplishing her dreams.

With all of these newly opened doors, Andie took the initiative to put herself out there, in the country’s center of fame, Los Angeles. With the help of her boyfriend and some connections, Andie was soon able to settle down in LA, which she confides to be quite a different experience from being in Seattle. Being that it is her hometown, Seattle serves as a comfortable zone for Andie in which she receives a lot of support, while LA is a completely new experience for her, as a stranger in a city full of outgoing people.

Though it seems that many obstacles have been put in Andie’s way in figuring out the “next step” for her and her career, there was never a time in which she wanted to give up, or formulate a back up plan. In her opinion, back up plans merely indicate that there is room to succumb to the hardships, as well as take away time from reaching one’s ultimate goal.

As of now, Andie is saving up for an upcoming EP, and is working on a collaboration with Travis Graham, the lead singer of New Heights, which will be released later on this week. With every song she writes, Andie makes sure that the piece is something that anyone can relate to. Though she draws inspiration from personal experiences, Andie aims to write for everyone, and not just herself.

Andie has also recently started her own Youtube channel, which she encourages her fans to check out and hopefully enjoy. She hopes to have much more music to share in the future, and plans to be on tour in the next year.

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Ruben Jay
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