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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for August 7th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Avengers #17

Hunger #2

Green Arrow #23

Beach Girls #1

Satellite Sam #2

Legend of Luther Strode #6

Manhattan Projects #13

Fatale #16

All-New X-Men #15

Iron Man #14

Quantum and Woody #2


After dropping the book after issue 6 because I had trouble getting it from month to month, I was able to catch up again.  And oh man, the book did not go in the directions I expected it to go.  It went from weird and brilliant to absolutely bonkers before settling back into a new rhythm again.  Now that I know Hickman is willing to let the pressure cooker explode, it makes every little move forward toward the edge feel that much more perilous.  I hope it doesn’t go missing from my shelves from this point forward, because I am hooked all over again.

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