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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for December 7th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Justice League International #4

Huntress #3

Red Lanterns #4

The Boys #61

Deadpool #47

Deadpool MAX X-Mas Special #1

Raw Power #1

Action Comics #4

Batwing #4

G.I. Joe Season 2 #8

Heart #2

Punisher #6

Strange Talent of Luther Strode #3

X-Factor #228

Penguin:  Pain and Prejudice #3

Stormwatch #4

Swamp Thing #4

Animal Man #4

Defenders #1


In The Defenders #1, there is a message in the white space at the bottom of many of the pages.  Many of them are “Continued after next page” announcements, which are outdated but otherwise make sense.  Some are blatant, cheesy ads for other Marvel books.  And then there are the random ones. “Shut the engines down.”  “Everyone you love dies.”  “The universe will break.”  “Fight to save everything.”  They’re absurd in a way that reminds me of Fraction’s work on Casanova, and much like that book if it’s included, it’s not really random.  One of the major concepts of the book is this feeling that something is wrong at the edge of everyone’s consciousness, and I’m taking these captions to be a way to take that feeling from out of the Marvel universe and into your brain.  If so, it’s brilliant.  If not, I’m crazy.  Either way, I loved this comic.

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