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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for July 6th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Flashpoint:  The World of Flashpoint #2

The Boys #56

Red Skull Incarnate #1

Flashpoint:  Abin Sur-The Green Lantern #2

Fear Itself #4

Flashpoint #3

Flashpoint:  Batman Knight of Vengeance #2

Secret Six #35


Flashpoint is a fun look at a way things could be, but at times it feels like the kind of fan fiction that fellow nerds would scoff at because it’s too far from DC’s reality.  Fear Itself is trying very hard to be super-duper-epic, and at times it captures this;  other times it feels flimsy and the giant events come across as hollow.  In Flashpoint, reading more is the only way to get the larger picture, whereas Fear Itself’s tie-ins seem entirely dependent on how much you care about the characters in question.  Fear Itself feels like it is affecting the Marvel universe more than its competition, which is funny because DC is basing a company-wide reboot on their story.

Final word:  I’ve been enjoying Fear Itself, but by this midpoint Flashpoint is playing faster and looser with its story, and it’s made for a more interesting read.

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