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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for November 6th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Cataclysm:  The Ultimates’ Last Stand #1

Superman Unchained #4

Batman/Superman #5

Forever Evil #3

Mighty Avengers #3

Amazing X-Men #1

Trillium #4

Quantum and Woody #5

East of West #7

Iron Man #18

Fatale #18


More and more often I find that the few DC comics I haven’t dropped entirely are scraping at my last nerve.  This week I bought three main universe DC books and all fell flat for me.  Superman Unchained is four issues deep and still feels phoned in, despite being somewhat interesting and objectively well made.  It’s starting to remind me of Brian Azzerello’s For Tomorrow arc, but maybe that’s just me tiring of Jim Lee’s art.  Over in Batman/Superman there’s a fun idea handled horribly in making a video game that’s actually taking place in real life…you know what, on second thought having typed that out it’s a horrible idea too.  And then Forever Evil stumbles up to the plate.  It’s a basic smashy high-stakes action crossover, but Evil Superheroes is a pretty worn-out trope for such a simplified slow build.  I don’t know if they needed to go bigger or harder or what, but watching the Crime Syndicate run roughshod over lesser heroes and villains while Lex Luthor puts together a team of his own hasn’t been a fun read for me so far.  It’s been the kind of crossover where reading the synopsis on Wikipedia would’ve given me the same satisfaction, and that is not my definition of success.  No sir.

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