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Review: @KidHudson’s EP “Told You So”



Kid Hudson is an Australian pop star rising in the rands here in America. Over the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to interview Kid on my show the @OnlineRadioShow. (Click here for Ruben’s Interview with Kid Hudson). Not only have I interviewed him, but I also had the opportunity to actually watch him perform on a few different occasion, and before I begin talking about his EP, let me say he is a GREAT performer.

Hudson’s latest EP, Told You So (#ToldYouSo) is a fantastic piece of work. So let’s start at the beginning.

1 – Everytime

This tune was the first song of Kid Hudson (@KidHudson) makes me wanna jump up and start clapping and dancing like a total maniac, which is a great compliment for Hudson. I am a total rocker, so being able to enjoy a pop album is huge.

“every time you walk away” is the opening line for the chorus, and it sounds like an epic anthem song. It’s a song people can relate to. It’s not over the top, but it’s not basic. It’s a great song. Please, Kid, write more dance worthy songs like this.

2 – Your Tonight

Starts out very catchy. It has a very simple intro, unlike “Every time” that makes you wanna dance, this song makes you wanna relax in the intro, but once it hits the chorus it will get your grooving a little. I like it, it’s a great song. It brings you back to high school in a sense.

“Oh baby baby, cant you see” is how the chorus  starts. It’s a fun chorus. This song makes me wanna sing along (and during the live show, people actually sang along!).

3 – Watch You Leave

The intro to this song is SIIIIICK! I love it. This is a party anthem for sure. It’s a song that I would played this song at any party I throw to get people to actually jump up and dance. The first first really builds up to the chorus, and it just explodes at the chorus!

But there is a part that the song just breaks down. I can imagine the production, lights and so much more. I can tell you right you now, that song is a HIT! This song is great lyrically, and it honestly gets stuck in my head. DARN YOU KID!!!

4 – Told You So

Here is the title track. It starts out with a hip-hop style inro, but it’s a total chill intro. This song actually takes me into classic 90’s pop music, which is great because I grew up in the 90s and I think it’s amazing. This song has to be the mellow track on the album.

Marcus, he is a rapper, and he raps on the track and it really sets the track from just okay to great. I love the rapping on the album, it was perfect. A great compliment to Kid’s music.

5 – Clouded

Here is my personally favorite song off the album. This song is written for the live crowd. “Everybody scream” is the opening to the chorus. It’ sa great track and makes me happy (is that weird?). Really a party anthem as well.

Final Thoughts:

I think this EP is great. Kid has a great way of expressing himself to the world through his music. I love it. All of his songs build up to the chorus and are amazing. I think he has a great future and defininately going to be someone who will be in the pop scene for a good while to come.

I am going to give Kid’s album a 4/5 stars. It’s a great album, but I think there is much more we can see from Kid. I think his next EP will take him into that next level. His new single #Stranger is coming out in a few weeks, and listening to that track, it’s a whole new Kid Hudson.

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @TheRubenJay! Like me on Facebook, and Like Kid Hudson on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @KidHudson. And more importantly, go and buy Kid’s EP “Told You So” on iTunes today!


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