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Review: Resident Evil 3 Nemesis remake

Here we are again with a brand new remake of another great Resident Evil game. Oh boy, this was so much fun to play through for personally the first time ever. This game took all the things that made RE2 such a great remake and remade RE3. Now is the game perfect? Well no I think there were a few issues that I had personally with the game versus RE2 which has become one of my favorite games ever. Well, let’s get right into this also spoilers ahead.

RE3 follows Jill Valentine a S.T.A.Rs police offer still facing the horrors that transpired back in the original game. She attacks seriously at the beginning of the game in the first like 10 minutes by the Nemesis who is just a hulking monster that I have always thought was so cool. He’s one of Resident Evil’s most iconic monsters and hearing him saying sttarrrrss in his creepy undead voice was still one of the coolest part of this game. Back to the story, he chases you around for a little while you’re saved by Carlos an umbrella corporation solider ( no he’s not evil) trying to help get people out of the city. Jill agrees to help them and you then spend the next part of the game dodging zombies and good ol Nemesis and oh yea I forgot giant weird SPIDER zombie that shove maggots in you. It was weird but really fun because they died in like two hits. So eventually you escape on the train that guess what is attack by Nemesis again who didn’t die again. We then cut to Carlos and were back at RPD from Resident Evil 2, and if you are not a Resident Evil fan I’ll fill you in 3 takes places before and during 2. So, while Leon is running away from dear old Mister X, Jill is trying her best to kill the Nemesis. After spending some time at RPD where we get to play as Carlos who is just such an awesome character, Jill makes contact with him and she needs help. Another giant boss battle later as Jill against super Nemesis we get to play as Carlos again trying to save Jill after the Nemesis infects her. After fighting your way through hunters and all sort Zombies you find the vaccines and now have to defend Jill from what felt like Call of Duty Zombies who only died in a few hits at a time, after that your back to Jill where you fight the Nemesis a hand full of times more and get the cure while also having one the most badass moments ever where Jill takes this giant lighting gun and shoves it in the Nemesis and blows him to hell. After that Jill and Carlos barely escape from the nuke that wipes out Raccoon City.

Now I missed a lot and they’re so much more detail then what I just talk about there but that should cover what I want to talk more about. like going back to RPD which was so fun I spent so many hours in that place so going back felt like muscle memory to me. Also if you remember any of the safe codes try them they work! Try CAP on one of the locks it works. Now the thing I really want to focus on for a moment is the horror aspect of this game and my dear friend Nemesis. Now I don’t know if it just me but I never had the level of fear Mister X gave with the Nemesis I guess I’m saying I didn’t find this game scary at all. RE2 held a level of fear throughout the whole game to the point where playing it recently Mister X still freaks me out. I thought when I got this game it would be a none stop run for my life from the Nemesis kind of deal and I was bummed when that level of fear was just not there. Don’t get me wrong I still love the character and he is a great monster I just wish there were more moments where I felt dread with him like I did with Mister X.

Gameplay-wise this game added a great feature where if your Jill you can dodge and if your Carlos you can straight up punch a zombie in the face and take it down. The gameplay is so solid and never gets old. While the campy stories of Resident Evil are what I live for, the gameplay makes me keep replaying these game over and over again. Minus that one new feature if you played RE2 you’re going to feel super comfortable playing RE3.

Overall, did this game bring back the horror of having the Nemesis chase you around a zombie infected city? No, I never had a real moment of fear just a few oh God moments. However, did it bring more Resident Evil greatness? Yes, the story was over the top, the characters were badass and I love them both, and the gameplay is solid as ever before. Would I recommend playing it if you are a horror fan though? No, not really but I would give it a shot. But if you love Resident Evil as much as I do then stop what you are doing right now and play this game you don’t want to miss it!

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