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Singer Emaza Gibson Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Jason Derulo, Alleging Quid Pro Quo Advances

Singer Emaza Gibson Alleges Sexual Harassment by Jason Derulo in Lawsuit

Singer Emaza Gibson has filed a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment by singer Jason Derulo, claiming that he promised her a record deal but then pressured her for sex in exchange for her career advancing. Gibson, who was pursuing a solo career after performing with her sisters as Ceraadi, accuses Derulo of quid pro quo sexual harassment.

According to the lawsuit, Derulo reached out to Gibson in August 2021 for a venture between his music imprint, Future History, and Atlantic Records. Her contract required her to work with Derulo, produce a mixtape, and an album. She began working with Derulo but rejected his advances, hoping to keep their relationship professional.

The lawsuit alleges that in September 2021, Gibson was given “inappropriately large amounts of alcohol” during a studio session with Derulo. She claims that Derulo invited her to drink during their studio sessions and pressured her.

In November 2021, Gibson traveled to New York City to meet with Atlantic executives, and Derulo allegedly invited another woman named Rosa to join them. Rosa’s presence was seen as a sign of career advancement because, according to Gibson, she was in an intimate relationship with Derulo. When Gibson commented on this, Derulo allegedly lost control and became aggressive.

Gibson was dropped from Atlantic on September 6, 2022. Her lawyer, Ron Zambrano, stated that Derulo “not only broke promises and breached contracts, but his threats of physical harm and unconscionable sexual advances toward this young woman who is just trying to break into the industry were outrageous and illegal.”

Jason Derulo and Atlantic Records have not yet commented on the lawsuit.

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