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Suits is back with season 6


In tonight’s episode of SUITS, Mike (Patrick J. Adams) transitioned to prison life while Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Jessica (Gina Torres), Louis (Rick Hoffman), Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) dealt with the fallout of Mike’s plea deal, and tried to prevent what’s left of Pearson Specter Litt from collapsing.

Mike Ross is in jail, Harvey Specter and the team are trying to survive while trying to figure out how to get Ross out of his situation.

This return episode did a great job of setting up season 6. We first see Mike getting his hair cut off with the guards telling him how things work in the prison. Ross is just sitting there, taking it all in.

One of my favorite things that happened during the entire episode (there were two moments that really stood out to me) was seeing Harvey at Rachel’s just to be with her. Rachel and Harvey spend a few moments talking about when they met Mike. It was a sweet moment.

We cut back to the office and see Luis freaking out (over a class action lawsuit), Jessica telling him to calm down and eventually all three end up smoking weed. Its a funny series of events.

After a while, the partners (Pearson, Specter, Litt) start to fight. Rachel yells at the guys to get their stuff together.

At one point, Harvey and Jessica are trying to figure out how much money they have and are impressed with their “war chest”. Luis comes in and has a number written down and both Pearson and Specter freak out.

By the end of the episode, we see Mike doing what Mike does best – falling for a sob story. Patrick J Adams actually addressed this in a conference call earlier this week. Here’s what he had to say:

I think one of the big pitfalls of Mike is that what you touched on, is that he falls for a good sob story pretty quickly and he can be sort of naive when he hears about somebody’s personal tragedy.

And I think that sort of sets us off really nicely on the sixth season and sets up for who he can trust and who he can’t trust. I think it’s a lesson that, in prison, he’s only going to need to learn once which is sort of great for Mike.

I think he spent six seasons trying to learn that he can’t always fall for the first sob story that he hears, that he kind of always falls into the trap that the consequences aren’t as extreme as they’re going to be in prison.

You know, this is a place where there’s really no room for error and he makes a pretty extreme error in the first episode. So he’s got to do everything he can to try and make up for it and be more prepared the next time around.

I Really enjoyed the premier. I hope that the writers take their time and let this story sizzle.

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