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Take Us To Vegas! Australian Rock Band

Recently I had an awesome opportunity to interview Take Us To Vegas (an Australian 5 piece rock band), who were one of the opening bands to play at Kid Hudson’s Melbourne gig. Before they performed I sat down with Nick, Ryan and Liam from the band. As soon as I met them I honestly admitted that I hadn’t really listened to the band so I mainly asked questions for people who haven’t heard of Take Us To Vegas before.

Before being in Take Us To Vegas Nick, Ryan and Liam were all in different bands through the past few years. Liam formed TUTV together as he called Ryan to join his band at the time (Wing Span), during this time Liam unfortunatly got sick so he had to step down as lead singer (Ryan taking his place) and Nick joined as bass.

Before being in a band I asked TUTV what they wanted to be when they were younger, or was doing something music related always the way to go?  Nick tells us that after high school he went straight into university and did 2 degrees, although they were the fall back.  Music was always what he wanted to do.  Ryan wanted to be a mechanical engineer seeing as music became apart of his life a bit later, but when Liam asked him to join Wingspan he had just signed up for a Bachelor of Psychology.  Not forgetting about Liam, he just wanted something that paid well so he was a concreter for nearly 5 years.

During my interview with Kid, he mentioned how Take Us To Vegas were “heavier” than other bands performing, so I took this opportunity to ask Nick, Ryan and Liam what the genre of their music was. The band members described their music as a mix between “3 Doors Down” and “A Day To Remember” with some “Avenged Sevenfold” like riffs, as well as being energetic, so although the genre is “heavy rock” it also has a bit of pop in the mix. “We want to make music that people won’t just walk past, they’ll turn their heads.” Take Us To Vegas are turning heads for all the right reasons.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear a song I ask myself who does the music? Who writes the lyrics? Is it all shared work amungst the band? Ryan told me that he writes the lyric side to the song and Dean writes the music side of it, Alex (the drummer) adds his bits into the song and Nick comes up with some melodies. Nick (being a lead singer of another band in the past) helps Ryan out aswell.

After being asked “what’s your favourite song to perform (that gets the crowd hyped)?” They all agreed that the newer the song the better, especially if TUTV haven’t performed it before.  Continuing on from this it was said that they always try to better themselves every song, so whilst performing they can jump around and get the audience involved.

This year TUTV hope to tour around Australia and are looking into tour a bit overseas, release another record and also making videos.  Whether that’s updating, music videos and possibly a DVD accompanying their E.P.  Speaking about the future I asked the TUTV members who they would like to collaborate with.  Ryan was the first to answer with Justin Bieber.  (I’m still not sure about the seriousness of the answer, but I don’t judge).  After a little laugh Nick mentioned how he would like to work with Machine or Joe Barresi and that it would be an amazing experience whether doing a song together or even producing with them.  Nick also said that working with them could “give us a new outlook on being a band”, well said!  Liam didn’t know about doing a song but touring with Mayline or Avenged Sevenfold if they came out again.

During this interview I noticed how everyone had tattoos, so of course I had to ask about any meanings.  Liam having his forearms tattooed he just said that one arm was covered in things that have a lot to do with his life and the other arm is covered in a lot of things that he loves. . .Then came along the jokes.  Haha.  Nick admitted his tattoos were just rubbish, not having any meanings in particular.  Ryan’s tattoos are actually not finished.  They’re actually greek mythology tattoos and the whole meaning is that it symbolises that any demon someone is facing you can always overcome it.

I want to wish Take Us To Vegas good luck for this year and that I plan to go to their Melbourne gigs!

Check out TUTV’s last album “The Road Ahead” You can buy it on iTunes NOW!  And also check out their new single “Apparently It’s Frowned Upon” (video clip)

takeustovegas.bigcartel.com/  <– If you want to check out merch this is the way to go!

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/TUTVsOfficial

Twitter: @TakeustoVegas

Facebook: www.facebook.com/takeustovegas

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