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The future of the MCU: part one the holy trinity

With Avengers Endgame brought well to an end to all kinds of stories. We said goodbye to some incredible characters and stories. But what’s next? With Spider-Man far from home slated to come out this July will be seeing the beginning of phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Over the next few articles, I figured I talk a little bit of what to expect from this phase of films coming out and possibly for future storylines.  For this week’s article, I figured we talk about the next Holy Trinity of Marvel characters. With Iron man now gone and Captain America retire, as well as Thor now being with the guardians of the galaxy. I’m left to wonder who will be part of the next holy trinity of the MCU.

My best guest being Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther. With possibly captain marvel taking one of those spots as well.  I mean really though these 3 are the best big characters Marvel has to play with now. With Spider-Man opening up the next phase and Peter himself saying in the most recent trailer “The world needs the next Iron man.” I could totally see Spidey taking that place seeing as he was Iron man apprentice.

The King of Wakanda and the Sorcerer Supreme also make logical sense seeing as they are getting the next big trilogies as well. It also makes sense seeing as Iron Man had some sort of connection to all 3 of them. It makes sense that characters who started early on in phase 3 would take the reins.

Captain Marvel still has a lot more story to tell before I feel at least she can take that kind of spot. Don’t get me wrong I love Brie Larson Captain Marvel I just want to see more of her before I feel she should be in that kind of spot. But also, from what I can tell Marvel is setting her up to lead the next generation of the Avengers, which I am all for. Carol has the strength and knowledge to lead the team, but more on that later.

Doctor Strange would make so much sense to me, seeing that Dormammu could be the next big villain of the MCU. All 3 of these characters have confirmed sequels. They were shown off a great deal in the last two Avengers movies and played key roles in both Infinity war and the final battle against Thanos.

Black Panther is such a great movie and character within the movies I’d be shocked to see him not a part of this. He has such great stories I could see him leading the Avengers at some point. Black Panther also from a fan point of few had the highest box office sale for a solo hero film. I would be surprised to see Marvel use that push to make him an even more key player going forward.

It seems fitting to me that holy trinity being passed on to Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther.  We shall find out with the release of Spider-Man far from home this July.

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