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The Loss of Spidey from the MCU

If you’ve been reading my articles here at MultiMedia Mouth for a while, you may not be surprised that I am a huge Spider-Man fan. I’m sure you’ve heard the news on social media this week about Spider-Man being taken out of the MCU officially and possibly forever, due to Sony.

Now, what happened you might ask? Disney was renegotiating its deal with Sony about their ownership rights of Spider-Man. The original deal gave Disney 5% of every dollar earned, allowing sony to remain with a whopping 95%. That being said, Sony took a very large portion of revenue from that deal.

During renegotiation, the deal Disney requested a 50/50 split between Sony which is a massive jump coming from 5%. Sony then declined the offer as of this week and announced they’d be working on Spider-Man films on their own moving forward, leaving Disney no other choice but to back away.

Which means our pal Spidey will no longer be seen in the MCU. Although, they did come out and say they are continuing the story of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man on their own, and he is still going to be our Spider-Man at least for now. This leaves us to hope that Sony might still want to come to an agreement with Disney to work something out to the point where Spider-Man can return to the MCU.

A lot of fans such as myself, were furious at this idea because we just got back all the key players of Marvel back with the Fox deal. It doesn’t seem like it is the end yet, rumor has it that Disney and Sony are already back to work on a new deal to get the Webhead back into the MCU. They also even hinted at possibly bringing Venom back with him as well.

Sony stock took a huge nose dive this past week and it makes me wonder if these rumors are true or not because of this. I hope that Sony and Disney can work things out, but if that’s not the case then at least they are continuing the story that Keven Fiege and Marvel Studios have already started. Another rumor has surfaced currently as I’m writing this, states that Sony wants 10 billion for the rights of Spider-Man and Disney refuses to pay.

If We get anything close to as good as “Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse” was, then we might get an even better Spider-Man film then the one Fiege was working on. Honestly, I’m just being optimistic in the face of this and I’m very thankful to still have Tom Holland front and center.

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