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The Phoenix Force History

What’s up guys so for this week comic article I wanted to try something new. With the new X-men Dark Phoenix movie releasing, let’s be honest some not very great reviews, I wanted to talk about the Phoenix Forces comic book origins itself and its first appearance and some of its overall powers and abilities.

Jean Grey is the most popular version of the Phoenix but she isn’t the only one not by a long shot. In fact, several other Marvel characters have wielded the power in the comics including one of my favorite characters Wolverine.


The Dark Phoenix first appeared in Uncanny X-men #101 in October 1976.Which is the same issue that started one of the X-men’s most famous story arcs the Dark Phoenix saga. Which now we have seen twice in the film’s weird timeline.  It’s during this comic run that we first meet the Phoenix but it’s been around for Eons and is one the most powerful cosmic forces in the multiverse (notice how I said multiverse and not the universe.)

The Phoenix Force turns into the Dark Phoenix when the Hellfire club a group of evil mutants turns Jean Grey into their slave (Comic logic for the win.) The Dark Phoenix is hateful and violent and has destroyed entire systems to satisfy its hunger.  Nowadays it’s recited in over 32 different heroes and villains each using the power of the Phoenix Force for their own reason.

Powers and abilities

The Phoenix Force is again a cosmic being and uses its powers to manipulate cosmic energies around it. The Phoenix Force is so powerful it turns is projectiles of insane destructive force. It’s not really clear exactly how powerful these forces because it seems like its power is near limitless.

It also has some mental abilities in fact probably the most powerful mental abilities in the Marvel Universe, those powers being, of course, telekinesis and it’s also a telepathic, oh, yea can turn people into be into ashes apparently if you have ever seen the X-men last stand. That last one may or may not be what I would call canon.

When bonded with a host which is something it doesn’t always do but when it does it amplifies all of its powers hence the reason Jean Grey was one of the most powerful telepathic’s ever. Because the Phoenix Force gave her that power and made her stronger than ever before.

Hell, when Jean Grey had the power, she was able to actually manipulate time, because you know all of the best heroes are be able to do that.  However, the Phoenix Force will seek host usually with strong psionic abilities which is a fancy term for people with mental powers.  When the host is hurt or even killed the Phoenix Force seals the host in a cocoon-like state to let the host heal completely which is what we saw happen to Jean in the last stand film.

And with that being said that pretty much covers the basic facts to understand exactly what is in Jean Grey during the film, however it had changed and been altered a lot for story purposes but this is where the original idea came from. I’ll be doing these from time to time with all kinds of different comic book heroes and I’ll even from time to time tell you guys what comics I’m currently reading at the moment as I do with the gaming articles. N8

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