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The Voice: Live for Memorial Day

Welcome to the Voice’s live blog here on RubenJay.com. It’s ruben and I am live at the Voice in the press room. I’ve got a coke and some Sushi to my left.

We kick off with a welcome to a Memorial Day Live show and a recap of last week. There is no pressure as this week, tonight we can lose two more contestants.

The performances start with a “Rarely Sober” Blake Shelton performing his new single, Boys Around Here. This song is really great. I like him. Looks like I am purchasing a new song tonight!

Looks like Judith Hill will start tonight’s show out!


This is the Voice!

Adam is asked how he plans on keeping his team in tact, and he says he just plans on doing it. An akward conversation between Carson and Shakira ends with Carson wanting a beer…in Spanish!

Shakira is begging America for votes….before she even performs. Kinda desperate. Usher has nothing but positive things to say about Michelle Chamuel. I think the Voice needs to do this part in the middle of the show. Usher pulls out the Michelle Chamuel glasses.

Carson kisses Blakes ass a bit.  Blake never wastes a chance to tell a joke.

Judith Hill is taking on #Power by Will I Am and Justin Bieber. Lets see how this goes.

Very dancy. I think that if we were at a Judith Hill concert, this would be amazing. However, you get one shot every week, I think she wasted it. But we will see. Holy Tucket is up next!

We are back with Holly and Blake during their mentoring session.

Holly is tackling a Band Perry song. She also turns Blake against his team.

I’ve got to admire Holly for going to school while doing this all. Huge workload to do both. She’s rocking out on this song and killing it. She looks great and sounds great. Its difficult to do this song and not be compared to the original, but I dont think she care. Note to Self: Ask her if she cares about that!

its time for some country! very beautiful country girls and the swon brothers.

Usher and Carson have a name calling match, which Usher won. Shakira looks great with straight hair. Blake fan girled over Holly for a second. She “chewed it up and spit it out” from Blake shelton. Great words from all the coaches!

Jimmy Newtron goes to commerical.

Shine bright like a diamond  is what we come back with. Michelle’s voice is so perfect. this is a perfect performance from the ladies.

Swong Brothers are back on the stage. These guys are so amazing! They start off “Seven Bridges Road”, and the harmony at the begining is amazing. The energy these guys bring to the stage is just amazing! These guys are totally going to be in the finals. I am calling it here!  I want to see them do “Renegade” by the Stixx. Adam is amazed by the real fire on stage.

We are backwith a mentor session with Shakira and Sasha Allen. I personally don’t care for her. She’s tackling an Usher the song, “Without You”. Sasha did a good job, however, I don’t like her Voice.

It seems like the coaches have this “love for another” mentality toward each other. I would like to see a bit more competitiveness between them!

What did you think about this performance?

Somebody who I used to know is Sarah Simmons song this week. I am excited for this. I hope she can kill it like she did last week. I love the set and the build so far. Her voice sounds great. She’s sending a chill down my spine. She has such conviction.

its time for some country! very beautiful country girls and the swon brothers.

Michelle Chamuel is here with Grenade, stripped down. Smart move by Usher. Break it down and make Michelle shine bright like a diamond. I think she reinvented this song! the show behind the song was amazing too. I like how they picked up the song toward the end!

Who gave Adam coffee.

We’re back. And Carson can’t speak. He has a great debt of datitude. This is going to be an emotional song from Danielle Bradberry with “Grandpa”. I’m glad she is doing a 180 from last week!

I can’t believe she’s doing an Adele song. Amber Carrington is doing Skyfall.

Amber killed it! I wish her and the rest the best of luck as tomorrow two of them go home!


Thats all for me. We’ll talk soon!

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Ruben Jay
Ruben Jay
Ruben Jay is an American broadcaster, media blogger, and podcast host. Currently, Ruben is the President of MultiMediaMouth.com and the executive producer and host of the popular podcasts You’re My Best Friend and ON AIR with Ruben Jay, exclusively on MultiMediaMouth.com. Follow Ruben on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok @TheRubenJay.

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