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The Walking Dead Recap: Try

The Walking Dead episode  “Try” 3/22/15



“I tried. I watched him die.”~ Glenn, referring to Noah

Last week was an insane episode… this week we see the fallout from the lives lost.


Sasha isn’t sleeping, spending all her time in the tower picking off walkers. When she went into the forest to hunt them down, Michonne tries to calm her down, but Sasha has snapped.


Glenn fires back at Nicholas, who lies to the cameras about what happened to Deanna’s son. Glenn knows he could have left Nicholas behind but chose not to. But he lets Nicholas know that he won’t tolerate Nicholas going on the outside again, which would put people in danger.


Carl and Enid run around outside the walls, lamenting the fact that they can’t be kids in this new world. They find themselves trapped by walkers in tight quarters, and a budding teen romance seems to be on the way.


Darryl and Aaron are unsuccessfully trying to figure out the “W” killer. This time they not only found dismembered bodies, but found a disemboweled woman tied to tree. Hmmmm….


The knowledge of Jesse’s abuse has pushed Rick to the edge. He tells Deanna, who asks him to stay out of it because as a surgeon, Pete is too valuable to the group. He confronts Jesse who asks him to butt out. But Rick and Pete end up duking it out. As the town gathers to break up the fight, Rick pulls a gun on the group telling them they are crazy if they think they are safe. Michonne clocks him, and he’s unconscious.


Will our gang survive their stay in Alexandria? Next week is the season finale! And since no character died this episode… uh oh.

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