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The Voice Semifinals Live Performance

With yet another week of competition, things start to heat up even more as the The Voice Top 5 give their semifinal performances that will hopefully land them a spot in the Top 3. These 5 extremely talented men give their all as they perform numbers their coaches picked out for them, and not a single person, contestant and coach alike, was disappointed with the outcomes. The night opened with a duet between Coach Blake Shelton and country star Ashley Monroe, as they sang a soulful rendition of “Lonely Tonight,” kicking off yet another night of great talent.

Coach Adam Levine picked Michael Jackson’s “She’s Out of My Life” for contestant Damien. Choosing a song that showcased an emotionally vulnerable vocal was just the right step for Damien at this point in the competition, and Shelton comments that the number left him “on the edge of [his] seat.” While the King of Pop is a difficult artist to cover, Coach Adam couldn’t have been more thankful that Damien trusted him with his selection and had enough faith in their friendship to stick with the number, and as a result, did an “unbelievable job.”

The night switched gears as Craig Wayne Boyd gave a lively performance of “Working Man Blues,” which left not only the crowd in high spirits, but the coaches in disbelief. “That is the kind of performance you see from someone who knows exactly who they are and knows exactly how to get up there and have a great time,” comments Pharrell Williams, proving that Coach Blake’s song was the right one. With an effortless stage presence and engagement with the crowd, Boyd proves that he is a natural artist. Coach Blake even goes as far as to say that regardless of the outcome of this competition, Boyd may even “come out as a superstar in country music.”

Next up was Taylor John Williams with a song he absolutely loves and has performed dozens of times before. Coach Gwen wanted to make sure that he performed a number that he enjoyed, and his performance of “Falling Slowly” from the musical Once was not only original, but hauntingly beautiful, as he fearlessly reached all the high notes and went beyond the simple melody of the tune. Shelton was especially in awe of the strength and range Williams’ falsetto showcased, while Levine labels the number as the “perfect choice.” Coach Gwen was exceptionally proud of Williams, who she feels “knows exactly what to do,” and is on a mission to make his dreams come true.

Matt McAndrew showcased one of the greatest vocals he has ever done with his rendition of “Make it Rain” by Ed Sheeran. The combination of his riffs and the slow electric guitar made for a powerful yet eerie performance which received a standing ovation from Pharrell Williams, who simply called McAndrew a “star.” Coach Adam is blown away as he comments, “You astound me. As a guy who can do so much so effortlessly and gracefully, you are so humble.”

The final performance of the night was from Chris Jamison, who coincidentally performed his own rendition of his coach’s (Maroon 5’s) next single, “Sugar.” Using the incredible falsetto he started singing in 2 years ago, Shelton comments that it is “what [they] look forward to every week.” Coach Adam shows nothing but complete pride in Jamison, as he believes that he has had to work harder than anyone else to be in the Top 5, after experiencing a few setbacks along the way.

With 5 extraordinarily talented men pitted against each other in the fight to prove that they indeed have “the voice,” your vote is more important now than it has ever been, America. Vote wisely and help three of these contestants ascend into the Top 3, in the competition that will change their lives forever.

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