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The Voice Top 10 Live Show

The Voice Top 10 opened Monday night’s live show with a  powerful Rascal Flatts Medley composed of  hits “Bless the Broken Road” and “Stand,” setting the stage for the intense night ahead. All ten performances were the perfect mix of passion, soul, and energy. While each contestant performed to his/her full potential, a few numbers stood out a little bit more than the rest.

Matt McAndrew did not disappoint with his performance of “Fix You” by Coldplay which opened tonight’s show. With the help of Coach Adam Levine and Advisor Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, McAndrew executed a hauntingly beautiful rendition of the song, while also driving its message home by going into the crowd and hugging and greeting fans. It was evident by the look on Coach Adam’s face that he was absolutely blown away by, and remarkably proud of McAndrew’s number. Not only does he have incredible stage presence and a great range, but in the words of Levine, what makes McAndrew so special as an artist is his “humble execution of talent.” It is no wonder then that McAndrew has been the only one among the Top 10 to have his single reach iTunes’ Top 10 Chart.

Anita Antoinette was (literally) able to turn her singing career around after joining The Voice for a second time, and even making it all the way up to the Top 10. At her first audition during Season 3 of the show, she was able to turn none of the coaches around, but in her comeback during Season 7, all four coaches were eager to have her on their team. This week, Antoinette was given “Let Her Go” by Passenger by Coach Gwen Stefani and Advisor Christina Aguilera, but with a little twist. Antoinette was able to transform the mellow, modern ballad we have all come to love into a funky, upbeat, reggae track that Coach Gwen said could be something off of Antoinette’s own album in the future. Anita utilized her innate ability to deliver a song to loosen up the crowd and give a light, fun air to the night.

At the tender age of 16, contestant Reagan James took the stage by storm with her stripped down rendition of “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea. James really made the song her own by adding a melody to the rap parts of the track, essentially singing the parts of two people. In addition to this, Coach Blake Shelton and Advisor Colbie Caillat suggested the accompaniment of an electric rather than an acoustic guitar, to add angst and even more originality to the performance.  James appeared both sexy and bold on stage, and Coach Blake and Adam Levine were in agreement that this was her best performance yet on the Voice stage.

Last but not least, Ryan Sill gave an astounding performance that proved that he has what it takes to be in the Top 10. After being in the Bottom 3 for two consecutive weeks, Sill was able to bounce back with a compelling performance of “Starlight” by Muse. His cool voice contrasted greatly with the rock single he performed, and the crowd was completely captivated by his eerily seductive stage presence. Shelton commented that this was, “perfect timing for a best performance,” while Pharrell Williams added that Sill is definitely the most improved out of the contestants.

Regardless of the results coming in tomorrow night, all ten contestants gave outstanding performances that have made this, according to Coach Blake Shelton, one of the best live shows The Voice has had thus far. All 10 contestants are stars in their unique ways, and have guaranteed success in the music industry whether their Voice careers end Tuesday night or they continue onwards in the competition. Best of luck to The Voice’s Top 10; Remember to vote wisely!

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