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The Voice Top 11 Live Performances Live Blog!

Tonight the Top 11 artists will be performing for the viewers!

If you remember last week, Team Gwen’s Korin Bukowski was saved by America’s instant save, sending Mark Hood from Team Pharrell, home for good.

Who are you rooting for this week? The finale is coming up fast so make sure you are voting for your favorites!


Shelby Brown from Team Adam performs “You and I,” and during rehearsals she makes a deal with Adam. If she kicks some serious butt during her performance, Adam will buy her a giraffe.

I think Shelby deserves that giraffe. Blake comments saying that is was his favorite performance of hers, and Pharrell agreed saying that it was one of most comfortable.

Adam admits that Shelby definitely deserves that giraffe, and then gets mad at the audience for not being able to clap properly… I would be mad at that too Adam…(?)


From Team Pharrell is Evan McKeel performing, “Smile.”

The presentation of the performance was interesting. Evan said that the song is about hope which he feels the world needs right now.

The reasoning behind the song is beautiful, and I get why he chose it, however, at this point of the competition, I do not think that is was a good song choice for him.

Gwen says that is was her favorite performance of his because he was so calm and such with it.


One of my favorites, Barrett Baber from Team Blake is next. Super cute moment when his wife sits in during his rehearsals.

He’s adding a rock-ish spin to “Delta Dawn.” Every time I hear this song I think of theĀ FriendsĀ episode when Monica sings this song during karaoke… Will never hear that song differently, maybe Barrett will change that.

Barrett performed this song great, I think it was a good choice for him and the way he added his own style to it worked out completely in his benefit.

Blake yelps pretty much through most of the other coaches talking, and as payback, Adam does it through most of his talking which is pretty hilarious.


Next up we have the instant save winner, Korin Bukowski, from Team Gwen, performing “Only Hope.”

It’s kind of weird how Korin now has this completely “new” look, and she looks like she can be Gwen’s twin… coincidence? I think not.

During rehearsals, Korin’s dad says that the No Doubt hit “Just a Girl” is what got Korin singing in the first place, that’s got to be a coincidence.

She does a great job performing this song, hopefully it is enough to keep her out of the bottom again.


Another favorite is Amy Vachal performing “Blank Space.”

Once again, the genius that Adam is, decides to change up the song and make it something super cool to match Amy’s personality. He also tells her to ditch the guitar and just focus on her voice.

I love that song to begin with, and Amy’s version is a version of that song that I need.


In this time, Pharrell comes out and performs his song, “Freedom.”


Zach Seabough, from Team Blake, performs “Are You Going to Kiss Me Or Not?” another country teen heart-throb song that is probably perfect for him to sing.

If Zach continues to sing songs like this he might be able to fly through the rest of the competition, however, I’m not sure what will happen after that. You have to switch it up at some point, and even though I love this kid and his voice, his performances have become very predictable.

Blake finally points out the obvious, Zach truly does have a little Elvis in him!


Next we have, Madi Davis, from Team Pharrell.

Madi performs, “Love is Blindnes,” and it’s kind of a slow song, but she sings it so beautifully. Is anyone getting a James Bond feel for this song?

Towards the end of the song, Madi hits these notes that are crazy cool. The coaches give her a standing ovation, and Pharrell even goes up to hug her.

Carson ends up skipping over Gwen because she was crying and at no point does the camera pan to her, but Blake has the camera go to Madi’s dad who is pretty much balling his eyes out. It’s such a sweet moment, and Blake even says that it was the best performance of the night.


Braden Sunshine, from Team Gwen, performs “True.” Braiden definitely has had some good and bad performances.

His dad does an interview and says that it is nice to see Gwen have a maternal connection with Braiden, and I never noticed it before but it is very cute.

I think it was a cool song choice, and he performed it well. BUT I’m not sure if it was good enough to put him at the top of the next rounds.


Next from Team Adam, is the super amazing, Jordan Smith. Tonight Jordan performed “Who You Are.”

During rehearsals, Jordan’s mom starting telling stories about when he was younger, and Jordan became so embarrassed, and it’s actually really cute seeing these contestants get embarrassed with their parents.

Once again, Jordan does not disappoint with this performance, his song was about self-empowerment, and he has truly set the bar high for these contestants.


Emily Ann Roberts, from Team Blake, is like a younger version of Carrie Underwood. She is singing “Why Not Me,” and during rehearsals, she sounds awesome singing it.

Emily also seems like she is a top contender for the rest of the season.

Pharrell is amazed how a 17 year old can sing songs so amazing that are older than she is.


Last for tonight, is Jeffery Austin from Team Gwen performing “Dancing on my Own.”

While Jeffery is rehearsing, Gwen throws her notes on the floor and states that she’s already won this competition. When he is actually performing, the camera pans over to her and she is smiling the whole time, but also looks like she’s holding tears back. (Is it just me or has Gwen been super emotional tonight?)

Anyways, Jeffery does a great job with this performance, and I think he’s got a spot for the next round.

Blake even says that Jeffery could actually win this whole competition making Gwen the first female coach ever to win The Voice.


That’s it for tonight, voting is now open so VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!! Only one artist is going home tomorrow, keep on the lookout for our recap tomorrow night!

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