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The Voice Top 4: Finals

Competition has never been this heated for the number one spot on The Voice. With Damien voted back as the fourth contestant of the Top 4 as The Voice Wildcard last week, America has made it clear that it knows what it wants. An army of Team Adam, consisting of Matt McAndrew, Chris Jamison, and Damien, was pitted against Team Blake’s lone member, Craig Wayne Boyd, in one the most intense nights of the season. Each artist was given the chance to perform 3 times: once singing a song chosen by their coach, once singing a duet with their coach, and finally, releasing their debut singles. All 4 contestants gave their all in the hopes of become #1: with an automatic recording contract with Universal Music Group, and of course, being named The Voice.

Out of the 3 performances given by the Top 4, it is not surprise that the most memorable and incredible ones were the debuts of their first singles. The gesture enabled viewers to get a taste of what is to come for each artist in the future, and solidify their fan status for the contestant of their choice.

Viewed as the underdog of last night’s show, Craig Wayne Boyd proved to Coach Blake (and former Coach Gwen) that they were not wrong to pick him way back in the beginning of this competition. Coach Blake gave Boyd a song that he’s been “carrying around in his back pocket for years,” demonstrating the strength of their friendship and Shelton’s belief in Boyd. Boyd’s release of “My Baby’s Got a Smile on Her Face” left the crowd roaring, and Coach Blake beaming with joy and pride. In the words of Coach Gwen, Boyd is, “ripe and ready to pick,” while Coach Blake comments that the “song was meant for [Craig] and it found its way to [him].”

Next up was Matt McAndrew with his debut of “Wasted Love,” which Coach Adam observes to be a hybrid of everything Matt has ever done. Being that there is no other version of this song, Matt shares, “This is my chance to not rely on anyone else’s success,” and solely, “rely on my artistry to sell this song.” McAndrew would be happy to know that he did just that. The raw, passionate performance of such an emotional and meaningful song literally set the stage on fire, and McAndrew shed a tear when Coach Adam said that it was “one of the best song’s [he’s] heard in [his] life.

Chris Jamison’s single “Velvet” showcased his strength in all 3 genres of R&B, soul, and hip hop. The song not only displays Jamison’s talent with his flawless falsettos and a catchy tune, but his progress on the show. “A star was born on this television show with you,” observes Coach Pharrell, who also shares that “watching this metamorphosis” has been nothing but pleasurable for the judges and the rest of America alike.

Last to release his debut single was Damien, with “Soldier.” The ballad comes with a powerful message, illustrating the strength that Damien has had through the years and even in this competition, and his fight to stay in it. Damien has gone above and beyond to fulfill his dreams, and America proved that he deserves a second chance when they voted him last week as The Voice Wildcard. His performance left all 4 coaches on their feet, and Coach Adam shares that he is “bursting with pride at how unbelievably well [Damien’s] thriving” makes him the “happiest coach that [he] can ever be, win or lose, in the entire world.”

There you have it America, The Voice Top 4, bigger and better than ever. The debut of their singles shows us that each is truly unique, and all have an equal shot at becoming Season 7’s The Voice. Be sure to make your vote count and help make one of these artists’ dreams come true, by voting on NBC.com, the official NBC app, or via Twitter or Facebook, or simply download tonight’s performances on iTunes. Best of luck to these incredibly talented and deserving men on the competition that will change their lives forever!

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