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Walking Dead “Alone” recap

The Walking Dead recap Episode “Alone” original air date 3/9/14

WARNING! This recap/review contains spoilers.

“It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter.” ~ Bob

We open on what turns out to be a flashback of Bob surviving on his own. Even though he is a survivor, he walks like the dead, traveling from one safe spot to another, sleepless and drinking NyQuil to calm his need to alcohol. He’s found by Darryl and Glen who ask him the famous Rick 3 questions: How many walkers have you killed? (A couple dozen.) How many people have you killed? (One.) Why? (She asked me to.) Bob also admits that he’s been with two other groups, and he’s the only survivor.

Back to the present day… Maggie, Sasha and Bob fight off walkers then discuss their next steps. They have 6 bullets and a broken compass. Maggie argues for continuing to Terminus, saying that’s where Glen would look for her. Sasha argues for continuing on their own path as she’s now been taken in by two “safe” places: the Governor’s village and the prison. Bob just wants them all to stay together.

Darryl and Beth meanwhile practice bowing and tracking skills. While fighting off a walker, Beth twists her ankle and Darryl carries her through a cemetery. In a moment of reflection, they hold hands. Finding a building they stop, and Beth comments on how clean the place is. Darryl speculates that someone is currently living there. They are actually in a funeral parlor, where even the zombie dead are cleaned up. Darryl says he wants to stay there and Beth asks why. He gives her a look that says… “because of you” or “for you”….hmmm. But definitely sparks are flying.

Bob and Sasha wake to find Maggie missing, she’s gone off to find Glen and doesn’t want to risk their lives in the search. Bob insists they follow her, Sasha parts ways with Bob once they find a building she feels is safe, but not before Bob gives Sasha a big smooch. Meanwhile we see Maggie making her way to Terminus, leaving messages in zombie blood along the way for Glen to find.

No one sleeps in a coffin for long in a funeral home, and the house is over-run with zombies… but it sure looks like a set-up. Beth limps outside, and by the time Darryl gets away from the walkers e finds… that someone has (grabbed?) Beth and is driving her off in a car. A defeated Darryl is approached by the Goldilocks bandits we know from a previous episode. After a testosterone-filled stand-off, Darryl is absorbed by the group, led by Joe.

Sasha sees Maggie from the building where she is hiding, sees that she’s in trouble, and a chicks-in-charge zombie fight ensues. Maggie says she now knows she can’t go it alone, and she and Sasha catch up to Bob.

But don’t blink or you’ll miss Glen! He’s found the Terminus sign and is on his way.

Three episodes left… I can’t wait!

Amy Donley is an actress, having bared her soul (and other things) in the award-
winning horror film SHELLTER (www.shelltermovie.com and download at amazon.com) She hopes you will enjoy these recaps, and won’t feel so empty inside if you friend her on facebook.

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