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Walking Dead Consumed recap

Walk with Me

Walking Dead “Consumed” 11/16/14


“Some days, I don’t know what the hell to think.” ~ Darryl

This episode should be re-named, where there’s smoke there’s Carol!

So much smoke, so much fire in Carol’s current and back-story. Used as a sign for Carol to move on,

and when she uses it, clearing the past.

In chasing down the mysterious vehicles with the crosses in the back windows in order to track

down Beth, Darryl and Carol find themselves in a previous women’s/children’s shelter that Carol

admits she and Sophia stayed at once for a day and a half, before returning to her abusive husband.

Closing in on the hospital they encounter Noah, who proceeds to mug them for Daryl’s crossbow.

They find one of those mysterious vehicles tipping off a bridge, and discover it’s an ambulance, and

the hospital is close. But the walkers overwhelm the van and it takes a dive off the bridge. Both

survive and travel on to a neighboring building to the hospital where they find Noah! Who is stuck

and needs their help. Darryl says no, Carol says yes, and Darryl caves. They soon realize they all know

Beth, and Noah will show them a way in to the hospital.

But Carol is hit by a hospital vehicle while she is crossing the street, and that as we know from a

previous episode, is how Beth finds Carol in the hospital.

We know Carol will be treated for her injuries at the hospital and Beth will protect her… but are

there enough doctors to stitch up this season’s storylines in the next two episodes?

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