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Walking Dead “Crossed” Recap

Walk with Me

Walking Dead “Crossed” 11/23/14


“Three is better than two.” ~ Darryl

Our friends in the church are dividing things up… the weapons for everyone to use, the inside of the church itself to use as protection, and the people, as the group of Rick, Darryl, Noah, Sasha and Tyrese drive out to the hospital to rescue Carol and Beth.

Carl insists that the priest choose a weapon, he chooses a machete then says he doesn’t feel well and retreats to his office. He uses the machete as a tool, takes pieces out of the floor, and leaves through a crawlspace under the church. Unarmed, he encounters a walker, but resists killing her when he sees a cross around her neck.

The road warriors at the fire truck have run out of water, Abraham is in a trance since finding out Eugene is not a doctor out to save the world. Eugene apparently survived the beat-down, and though he is still on the ground, Maggie covers him with shade. Glen, Rosita and Tara go to the lake to find water, and find fish and a yoyo instead (would anyone really want to eat that fish?)

Back at the hospital, Beth overhears discussion about pulling the plug on Carol. Beth argues that those rescued should be given a chance, Dawn gives her keys to the drug cabinet and says “goodluck”. Beth asks the doctor what drugs he would use, she administers those, holds Carol’s hand and lets her know that she is near.

Our rescuers (?) arrive at the hospital. Cops inside are called to respond to shots heard outside. They find Noah, and while binding him up, Rick-Darryl-Tyrese and Sasha ambush the cops. Another cross car pulls up shooting at our friends. Darryl gets in an awesome fight with the driving cop, and uses the head of a melted walker to bop him on the head. The cop captives get some sympathy from the group. While others are storming the hospital, deputy Bob distracts Sasha and head buts her into a window.

A lack of water, scary food, and a hospital that does anything to keep their census down. Can our friends cure what ails them by the season ender next week? Join me then!

Amy Donley has no body but you, her fans, who keep her slow typing these recaps every week. Make your Thanksgiving weekend complete by buying or downloading her award-winning movie “SHELLTER” from amazon.com. More information about the film can be found at www.shelltermovie.com. Then find Amy on facebook and make her your friend!

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