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Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale


Walk with Me: Mid-Season Finale

Walking Dead “Coda” 11/30/14


“Shut up.”~ Rick Grimes

Coda: a concluding section or part … serving as a summation of preceding themes, motifs, etc., (dictionary.com)

Oh, Bob. You shouldn’t have tricked Sasha in our last episode. Rick chases him down, hits him with a car, tells Bob he can’t be trusted and takes him out. This is one no-nonsense Rick.

Rick and the group across from the hospital decide the best plan to reunite with Beth and Carol will be to trade the 2 cops they still have hostage with those in the hospital.

Meanwhile, back in the hospital, officer Dawn uses Beth again, to help dispose of another person on staff she doesn’t want around. (And by the way, who has a fight scene near an open elevator shaft and thinks there will be a happy ending?) Beth knows Dawn has her trapped.

Father Gabriel is surrounded by walkers and begs Carl and Michonne in the church to let him back in. Gabriel and the walkers enter the church, our group sneaks back out and trap the walkers inside the church. Abraham and the rest of the big truck group rumble up just in time for a save, and Michonne tells Maggie her sister is alive, and they all head off for the hospital.

Rick takes a stand in the middle of the street where the cops are floored by his knowledge of their names, situation, and trade offer. Hospital workers, cops, Beth and Carol on one side, our heroes and their 2 cop hostages on the other. First, Carol is traded for a cop, then Beth. Then officer Donna says there’s no deal unless they get Noah back too. Our group says no deal, Noah says he’ll go, but Beth stabs officer Donna who shoots Beth dead. Darryl immediately shoots and kills officer Dawn and everyone stands down.

Nothing sadder than watching Darryl carrying the dead body of Beth out of the hospital as Maggie looks on.

Let’s hope you stayed through the credits because we had another Morgan sighting! He’s checking out marks on the trees (who is he following, and who is leaving the marks?) He finds himself at the church where he finds a map and a reference to Rick.

Can Maggie take another loss in her life? What or who is Morgan looking for? Will they cut off Eugene’s Mullet while he’s unconscious? I’m sure The Walking Dead creators will scare up some answers and new questions when the show returns in February!

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