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Walking Dead Recap: Four Walls and a roof

Walk with Me


Walking Dead “Four Walls and a Roof” 10/26/14




“Join us or feed us” ~Gareth


Since last week’s episode left you hungry for more… we resume this week at the creepy little BBQ where Gareth spends time explaining to Bob the motives behind those left from Terminus. But Bob leaves the group with a bad taste in their mouth when he reveals that, surprise! Bob was bit back at the food bank. So the new question arises… can you be infected by eating someone that is infected?


Meanwhile our friends hiding in the church are at odds, where have Bob, Darryl and Carol gone? Abraham insists that priority needs to be getting Eugene to D.C. to get a cure for the walker disease. Our group knows they need to find their friends and kill the Terminus cannibals, now that Bob has spilled the beans. So Glenn says if you stay Abraham and Eugene, Maggie, Tara and I will leave with you.


Our gang sets up an ambush for the Terminians (?) and make a mess out of the church. Terminus, now terminal. Bob dies and before he can turn, Tyrese does the deed. Maggie, Tara and Glenn leave on the bus for D.C. with Eugene, Rosita and Abraham as promised. And the rest of the group will wait for… hey Darryl! There you are! Where’s Carol…?


Until our paths meet up again next week!


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