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Walking Dead Recap: “The Grove”

The Walking Dead recap Episode “The Grove” original air date 3/16/14

WARNING! This recap/review contains spoilers.

“The people who are living are haunted by the dead.” ~ Tyrese

Wow, shocking developments this week! Let’s dive in…

This episode centers on the group made up of Tyrese, Carol, baby Judith and pre-teen

sisters Lizzie and Mika. The show opens with a delightfully calm scene of a tea kettle

boiling on the stove, nuts on the counter, and out the window we see… a child playing

tag with… a walker?

OK so the next scene backtracks back to the (railroad) tracks. Some heavy discussions

between Lizzie and Carol and Mika and Carol. Lizzie asks if Carol will miss her when

she dies, the way Carol misses Sophia. And Mika explains that her mom used to say

that “everything works out the way it’s supposed to.” Uh oh, I have a bad feeling about


The group sees smoke coming from an unknown source (could this be the house Darryl

and Beth set on fire?), but better, they find a nice farmhouse where they can rest and

possibly make a home for themselves. But the girls’ weaknesses are soon discovered, as

Lizzie doesn’t understand that walkers need to be killed, and Mika can’t bring herself to

kill any living thing.

I had the feeling Lizzie was mentally ill, even before she freaked out inappropriately

when Carol killed the walker that she was playing tag with in the yard, “you killed my

friend!” Mika told her to look at the flowers to calm down. On the opposite end, Mika

goes deer hunting but can’t kill the deer.

The next scenes are pivotal, as we discover Lizzie feeding live mice to walkers (oh…

that’s who was feeding walkers at the prison!) And disaster is averted when the girls run

from fire-crispy walkers and Mika gets caught in the barbed wire surrounding the farm.

Carol, Tyrese, Lizzie and a freed Mika shoot and kill the walkers, proving that Lizzie can

kick some walker butt.

Returning from a scavenge, Carol and Tyrese find Lizzie has stabbed Mika to death, and

says she was getting ready to kill baby Judith too. She wants to see her sister turn into a

walker, she is clearly bonkers.

Carol and Tyrese agree that Lizzie can no longer safely be around people. Carol takes

Lizzie for a walk, tells her that “everything works out the way it’s supposed to,” has her

look at the flowers, and shoots and kills her. Carol and Tyrese then bury the girls in the


On their final night in the house, Carol admits to Tyrese that she was the one who killed

Karen & David. After some thought, Tyrese says he forgives Carol, but will never forget.

They pack up, and now 3 survivors continue on to Terminus.

Final thought: Carol has taught the children survival skills, but can’t teach sensibility.

Only 2 episodes left… will our friends meet up at Terminus?

See you next week!

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