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Walking Dead Recap: Strangers

Walking Dead Recap “Strangers” 10/18/14


“What have you done? We’ve all done something.”

The walking living. That’s what you get guys, when you clear out Terminus. But where are our friends

walking to?

Rick thanks Carol for coming to the group’s aid. Carol gives him back his watch, which he gave her when he kicked her out of the group. (That watch, Hershel’s watch… are the writers trying to tell us something about the importance of time? The lack of it?)

When you hear someone crying for help in this new world do you run toward the sound, or run away from potential trouble? There was initial hesitation, but our group rescued a new survivor, Father Gabriel, from a group of walkers. He’s unarmed, doesn’t believe in killing, and says he’s survived all this time living by himself in the church, which just held a food drive. Do we believe him? Carl finds evidence on the outside of the church that people were prevented from coming in for safety.


Gabriel tells them food is available, so the group travels to the food bank, where walkers have been swimming in a flooded area for some time…everybody in the water and let’s get the grub! Ewwww. Ever unhelpful, Father Gabriel looks like he’s ready for a walker to take him out, but he’s rescued by Rick. In the meantime Bob is surprised by a water-rotted walker (swimmer?) but is saved… or is he?

Carol’s on edge. No Darryl, Carol doesn’t want to talk. Let’s just reset and start over. Sure Darryl, but first I’m going to make sure I have a car nearby in case I need to make a quick getaway. Carol knows she can survive alone, is she just protecting herself? Wait, what’s that screeching by? The car that took off with Beth!

Meanwhile, Bob wanders outside to… what? I thought he was going to turn, that maybe he was really bit earlier. But a blow to his head finds him in the company of… Gareth! The butcher from Terminus! And Gareth’s not happy that our friends destroyed his home, and he’s hungry. That means Bob doesn’t have to climb out on a “limb” to figure out that he’s on the menu! The cannibals have arrived, and our friends in the church are invited to (be) the picnic.

Looking forward to another tasty episode next week!

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