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Walking Dead Recap

WARNING! This recap/review contains spoilers.

Just look at the flowers Lizzie…

Oh, sorry, wrong episode. But that was a great one, right? And I’m writing this before tonight’s episode… I think there is more bad to come in these last two episodes of the season. Here we go…

“Glenn-Go to Terminus”~ bloody sign from Maggie Glenn, Tara, Dr. Eugene, Abraham and Rosita make their way along the train tracks and see the sign with the above message, and as you can imagine, Glenn wants to make time to get to his love. Glenn and Tara split from the group when they decide to go through a creepy walker-filled tunnel. Dr. Eugene (and the mullet) isn’t comfortable with this idea… and after bumming a car, he navigates the group to where he estimates Glenn and Tara might be.

Carl and Michonne play on the tracks while Rick leads the way… this is way too happy a scene to think they will all make it to Terminus.

Darryl meanwhile chafes against the “Rules of the Road” as proclaimed by the group leader Joe. Darryl and Len get into it over a rabbit they both shot. Later, Joe catches Len framing Darryl for stealing the rabbit. Joe has the rest of the group “take care” of a lying Len. Darryl considers the consequences of the rules… Joe says Terminus is a lie but that they are chasing down those who killed a group member earlier in what they thought was a safe house. Uh yep, that was Rick.

So you knew train tunnel travel was a bad idea, right? Glenn and Tara find ½ buried walkers among a collapsed ceiling… and on the other side of the rocks more walkers! Tara gets her leg caught in the rocks, Glenn says he won’t leave her, walkers approach and then suddenly it’s… MAGGIE! OK, and Dr. Eugene, etc. But MAGGIE!

The 8-person strong group now approaches Terminus. Plants growing in the yard (like at the prison), signs of community but no life until they find a large barbeque and a woman who introduces herself as Mary. She says they look like they’ve come a long way, and that she’ll make a plate up for them.

Okay, my initial reaction was “Soylent Green is people!” (Look it up kids.) Something creepy is going on behind that calm façade of Terminus. And it looks like next week’s episode (the final for the season,) may find all our unhappy travelers finding themselves together for a happy reunion. Just kidding, people will die.

Amy Donley plays dead better than anyone in her award-winning movie “SHELLTER” (download a copy at amazon.com). But she comes alive when writing this blog, and hopes you will friend her on facebook!

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Ruben Jay
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