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Walking Dead Review

The Walking Dead recap Episode “Still” original air date 3/2/14

WARNING! This recap/review contains spoilers.

“There’s nothing worth seeing out there anyway.” ~ Darryl

But plenty to see in this episode, a real departure for the characters and the audience, as the entire show centers on only Darryl and Beth.

“Still” starts with Darryl and Beth evading an onslaught of walkers by jumping in the trunk of an abandoned car. (Really? What’s the exit plan here?) Perhaps a day goes by before the walkers have moved on and they can safely get out. They collect things from and around the car: broken glass, a hubcap (to be used as weapons?) and move on.

Oh, now we see what’s going on. Our intrepid campers are playing scouts; using the glass to magnify the sun to make fire, etc. A snake creeps up and, dinner! But Beth says she’s done with this camping stuff (probably the snake jerky set her off,) and she’s ready for a drink. An alcoholic drink. The first in her life. And off she goes…followed by Darryl (Can I make another suggestion? Don’t fight with your only companion when surrounded by walkers.)

Hey look, a country club! This place will have alcohol! And a group of dead employees who took themselves out at one point. And hanging living walkers. And new clothes. And golf clubs… oh good! You can use those to fend off a walker attack (Fore!)

Moving on, (Deth? Berryl?) find a small house that Darryl says reminds him of his dad’s home. Playing a drinking game with moonshine (well, it was a memorable first drink,) a lot of Beth’s unrealized expectations for the future come out… as well as a real piece of Darryl’s backstory.

So this is the real shocker. Before the zombie apocalypse Darryl was… nothing. He had an unhappy childhood, and was following his brother Merle around the country. Ironically, the walker virus has allowed Darryl to become his own man. In a world filled with zombies mind you, but his own man.

Some great lines? “You look at me and see another dead girl.” “You’ll be the last man standing.” “You’re going to miss me when I’m gone.” Foreshadowing of Darryl/Beth’s fate? Darryl gets a hug from Beth when he finally breaks down, wondering if there was more he could have done to save others.

“Let’s burn it down!” A breakthrough in communication between the two means an

end to their past, and a symbolic torching of the little house with a two bird salute

from our survivors.

A side note: you may have noticed the credits in this episode included “In loving memory Sarah Elizabeth Jones” (you also saw a credit after the “In Memoriam” segment during the Oscars.) Although she never worked on TWD, she was a camera op who recently died in Georgia while working on a movie. http://variety.com/2014/biz/news/sarah-jones-memorial-midnight-rider-crew-member-remembered-for-spirit-and-spunk-1201124056/

Amy Donley is an actress in the award-winning horror film SHELLTER (www.shelltermovie.com , download at amazon.com) She hopes you will enjoy these recaps so much that you will consider adding her as a Friend on facebook. She feels very empty inside without you.

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