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Walking Dead Review Inmates

The Walking Dead recap Episode “Inmates” original air date 2/16/14

WARNING! This recap/review contains spoilers.

The vultures are literally circling at the start of this show… does this spell doom for our

intrepid survivors?

“It’s just easier to be afraid.” ~ Beth

Wonder no more what happened to your favorite The Walking Dead characters as we play catch-up in this episode. (I would have named this episode “The Other Side of the Tracks.”)

Beth and Darryl (hmmm… did I see a little something between them?) made it away from the prison. Arguably the weakest and the strongest survivors, they kill walkers and find the bodies of recent survivors as they make their way from the forest to discover train tracks.

Walking Dead Baby

Tyrese has found himself with the pre-teen horrors Mika and Lizzy, and in a surprise reveal… baby Judith! Mika is fraidy cat, Lizzy has proved to be the worst babysitter/pet sitter ever (trying to suffocate Judith, dismembering rabbits, I won’t even go into recklessly tossing a used diaper,) and I don’t know anyone that wants to travel with a crying baby. Luckily, the re-appearance of (second surprise reveal) Carol should help with the child wrangling… but what will happen when Tyrese finds out why Carol was gone from the group? Futilely fending off walkers from a few survivors, they are told that there is a safe place at the end of the railroad tracks. The map says it’s called “Terminus.”

The bus with survivors is now a bus full of walkers as Maggie, Sasha and Bob take them all out in an attempt to see if Glenn is on board/made it out of the prison. Nope. And….Walking Dead

….here’s Glenn. Still at the prison. Finally over the flu and surrounded by walkers. He goes full Robocop mode in riot gear to escape, and finds a depressed but healthy Tara. Glenn announced that he’s looking for Maggie, his wife. (I hope you noted that when I did.) Hello distracting Molotov cocktail, goodbye prison. The sign says “Hitchhikers May Be Escaping Inmates.” And escape they did.

As Tara takes out a walker, an army truck arrives carrying new characters including a badass Michael Cudlitz as Sgt. Abraham Ford.

It’s not exactly following the yellow brick road, but it looks like the gang is heading down the tracks to a new group of survivors, a new place to call home, and hopefully a sound-proof room in which to put Judith.

Until next week…

Amy Donley is an actress, and has no body (get it?) to watch TV with. She did enjoy her movie debut in the award-winning horror film SHELLTER (www.shelltermovie.com and download at amazon.com) She hopes you will enjoy these recaps so much that you will consider adding her as a Friend on facebook.

Walking Dead Review Inmates

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